That Olde Black Magic: How to Do the Nasty Business

In today’s lesson, we are going to learn a few principles of Black Magic, ie. how to do nasty business when circumstances call for it. Now, what exactly is a ‘nasty business’?

  • Curses / Hexes / Jinxes / Magical Attacks / Baneful Magic / Maleficia
  • Reversals
  • Breakups (every time even if it is out of mercy or the people ask for it)

and, surprisingly,

  • Hex Breaking / Breaking Curses – yes because you are dealing with an existing maleficium, so its energy will become manifest

Bindings & Strong ‘Command and Compell’ spells can fall into this category, but generally would be considered Influence Magic and not Nasty Business.

Magical Defense sometimes falls into the category of nasty business too, depending on how just or cruel one wants to be. Some people set up preemptive attacks as defenses or way overdo it based on trivial provocation, in that case, what you are actually doing is a Magical Attack.

Now, the basic principle of nasty business is that you are dealing with energy, summoning energy that you DO NOT WANT TO STICK WITH YOU and hang around your house.

All of the said rituals will produce an immediate energetic residuum that needs to be dealt with unless you want to become a victim of your own nasty businesses. This means that physically, you shouldn’t even ve touching oils such as D.U.M.E (‘Death Unto My Enemies’, and old hoodoo recipe) with your bare hands. You would use gloves. I am not kidding the slightest. I mean, don’t you realize that you are performing an act of murder here? Get your damn gloves and wrapping foil, Dexter.

Unless you have an altar or a room that is dedicated to very dark forces, you should NOT be performing these workings at your own place. If you absolutely must, then clean the remains from the ritual and wash everything ASAP. I have seen numerous derailed situations in my life and in the lives of other sorcerers when they waited on disposing of the ritual remains and kept them on their porch. Realize that these objects are now carriers of destructive energies and will conduct them. They are meant to be disposed of in the area of the enemy/target or in a general ceremonial place, such as at the crossroads.

Another thing that you need to keep clean is you. Yes, you, nasty motherfuckers. You have now committed a Sin, as the old rootworkers would tell you, so you must purify yourself. I am not saying you go to the church and make a confession. This would be traditionally done via a herbal bath or a salt bath. There are also prayers you can use.

Acts of purification will work on easing out the transition, but the residue might still remain so what you need now is to keep taboo. Meaning you don’t go to your niece’s baby shower touching the baby with your dirty black magical hands right now. You wait until energies reverse, before engaging in any works of positive magic. Love, healing, money, all that shit has to wait now. Conversely, if the only acts of magic you engage in are heavy in the Saturnian Current, and you don’t so any White Magic at all, then feel free to bask in the glory of your own terrible deeds and feed on the residue. But most of us resort to nasty business only when need be, and do so judiciously. Many Spirits will not come to you when you are in a state of defilement by Dark Forces. So most of us Witches we work ‘both hands’.

How do you know that the residue is still on you? Well, that’s easy. You will feel it. It’s black and red and usually feels hot. If you don’t, then observe the reactions of other people. If you suddenly notice murderous Black Magicians swoon over you while common people shirk in terror, then you know for sure that the residue is there…