Belial’s Advice: Ditch the Sheepherds

Unfollow the Political Occultists. Just do it.

I’ve unfollowed some very famous occultists after they all posted spells to ‘lock him up’. I’ll tell you why. If you choose to waste any of your magic on the political show, you ain’t a Magician. You’re a dumbass, and you don’t deserve to bear the Powers of Magick.

I see this sh*t and all I hear is the Devil laughing in Al Pacino’s voice. It’s so dumb it cannot be made any more blatant – a literal reality TV show character sued by another professional entertainer, and people acting like it’s all real? Hello?

In the words of Frank Zappa, ‘Politics is the entertainment division of the military-industrial complex.’

And you’re eating it up; parading your ignorance, and disgracing the pursuits of the Occult, which is the attainment of Secret Knowledge. How can one possibly obtain the Secret Knowledge of the Self if they still choose to engage in the most blatantly orchestrated emotional blackmail campaigns thrown by the puppeteers? Am I the only one who is seeing this? Are we doomed?

There is a lot of people online looking for actual Occult Mentoring, and not political commentary or virtue signalling, political correctness same old drama, sitting with the cool kidz at their table. Fuck this shit.

I’ve already been dogpiled by haters, nearly lost my social media, been cursed into absolute oblivion so I don’t care if I piss off some more Straight White Men. (Haha. Lilith doesn’t…) You want my advice on how to progress on your Spiritual Path?

Unfollow every occultist who posts spells on politicians.

Just Do It. Save yourself the wasted time on following people who fail to grasp the absurdity of political drama. They are not Magicians. I assure you they’re not. They’re kids throwing sand at each other in a sandbox.

Not only are these people vain enough to think their spells have any effect on global affairs – they won’t, they can’t because they are being cast from a position of ignorance – they further parade their childlike poutiness, vanity, and ignorance in public, failing to serve as an example to those following in sincere intention to learn from them about the Occult. Screw them. Topple over these Sacred Cows already. They failed me, and they will fail you – if it is not already obvious.

Yours Sincerely,
The Worthless One

Now people are gonna add I am delusional speaking for Demonic Kings but you know what, I don’t care. He wants to speak, He will speak. Belial hates Facebook in particular for the censorship and stupid peer pressure that goes on here which makes it look like we haven’t progressed from Junior High School.

I am gonna add an older quote from the King,

‘Remind the people of why they came for the Left-Hand Path. It wasn’t to be a part of some clique or a social club. You came for the Mysteries that were cast aside. For the Forbidden Knowledge. You came here to feast upon the Tree.

You didn’t come here to watch 30-minute videos of people’s infighting and petty drama. You didn’t come here to watch people drink and ramble on with their buddies, trying to be cool. Fuck this high school lunch politics.



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  1. Damn right! He’s completely right. “Sit at your own table, Alone!
    That’s a motto that I’ve always lived by.
    Thanx for posting this ,and it’s well taken since I’m currently working with The King at this present time.

    • Belial’s Tribe will become more apparent as we move formally from the Aeon of Lucifer to Belial’s Era; that is, the era after the Empires have imploded into dysfunction and they are being replaced by a New Ecosystem. To quote the King, ‘Power to the People!’

  2. Impeccably put and accurate together with your marvellous flair for words. Your collection of articles here is evolving into quite a working grimoire of sorts: exceedingly valuable. I have come to expect nothing less from your pen!
    There is so much to unpack here, it is difficult to know where to begin. You know that I have no aversion (both in principle and in practice) to the use of baneful magic under the right circumstances. The critical words here are “the right circumstances”, and in the case of that wretched word square which I imagine led to this particular anathema, the circumstances, however defined, are absolutely not right. The first rule is that the object of the spell must have caused the caster of the curse some direct and considerable personal harm, and the second, that the malignant return be proportional (according to the traditional way of thinking). The necessary rider to the first is, of course, that no resource other than magick be appropriate – a situation which, fortunately, seldom occurs. With the best/worst will in the world, no modern American political leader, in my opinion, has warranted that personal degree of malice and the story of the object (in this case) is probably far from over. The best worse-case scenario is that they represent groups of interest, and groups of interst – counted from the bottom end up – number many millions. But these are only ciphers (persons of no importance), beans or tokens with tribal logos on the outside and utterly grey, NPC in the middle.
    Magic used against groups of people is even more problematic.
    In my personal experience, the best form of magical retaliation is summed up as “No further contact!”. Ever. In any form. Not even a visual memory. That should be sufficient.
    Julius Evola’s three golden rules of apoliteia, xeniteia, autarchia should be magician’s guide here especially as we seem to be entering a critical, epochal phase in our evolution. Better, by far, to remain outside the whole damn ‘shooting match’ for in this case, it is quite likely to turn into one.
    Since I started interacting with Belial (or with spirits working on his behalf) it was drummed into me that it was of paramount importance not to be a ‘bean’ or token. I imagine that being a ‘bean’ possibly didn’t end well for Kathy Griffin.

    • ‘…the best form of magical retaliation is summed up as “No further contact!”. Ever. In any form. Not even a visual memory. That should be sufficient.’

      It’s sufficient to allow for their destiny to implode on themselves. Unlinking from a vampiric entity has a profound effect. I have seen people died from it… you know the saying in show business and politics –

      ‘The only thing worse than when they talk bad about you is when they don’t speak about you at all.’

      Every public persona has an Egregore, that feeds on attention, be it positive or – I would say, especially – negative. When they fail to elicit any response, any interest at all, is when they die. So, calling Witches to ignore these farces, and choosing to not give them my attention, is, in fact, an act of Baneful Magick.

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