Whisperings of Aeons with Joseph Dougherty and Demetrius Triarius

I am back on Legion of Lilith with Warlock Brethren, Joseph Dougherty, and Demetrius Triarius. I speak of my pacts with Samael, and Lucifer, and of my past life memories of the last holdouts of Pagan cults in Northern Britain in the 1300s. We touch upon Aeonic Magic that influences political events on a large scale, and my take on magical assassination.

Anima Noira

Metaphysical Authoress. Harlot. Priestess. Demonatrix. Photo Model and Dangerous Writer. Keeping the Dark Arts alive is what I do, and I appreciate your support.


  1. A fascinating and engrossing interview. So many interesting topics were aired it would be impossible to pick out the most important. Enough for me to say that the description of one past life, in particular, gave me a deeply unsettling sensation.
    Not to be missed, on any count!

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