Black Devil with Horns Mirrored
Black Devil with Horns Mirrored

Vanished Memory of Those Marked for Death

Baneful Magic, and Haphazard Death from Occult Ritual

News reached me today that a person whom I worked against magically less than a year ago has died. The most fascinating part of all this is that I have completely forgotten about this. Even though that Working took weeks in its entirety, was challenging & multi-faceted. It was also quite serious in nature, all parties involved knowing that it will result in the target’s death. We were even shown exactly how it’s gonna happen…

When you perform the feral maleficia correctly, the memory of the person is wiped out at the moment and leaves your mind. The whole memory of them is obliterated from existence as they cease to exist, and that version of reality is brought forth into existence. You forget them, and the ritual itself. You don’t have any reason to go back to it in your memory, because all the emotional charge has been wasted, and transmuted into Works of Dark Art.

In this case, it took a little less than a year, ten or eleven months to manifest. Now that’s a realistic timeframe for acts of baneful magic. Unless such manifestation happens instantly. I’ve seen it happen, many times. But there’s usually something other in play, something other than one person trying to end the life of another person who is in good health with magic. I’ve had people die around my magic more times than I can count over the years, but it was always some other type of ritual that caused this as an unintended side effect – bloodline curse-breaking rituals being the most common culprit perhaps. Last year we performed a ritual in Prague to trace back and break a bloodline curse that was running in a witch’s family, affecting all the males. This bloodline curse was the root of her brother being born with a tragic condition. He died within 24 hours of the ritual. His soul was set free, as his only goal in this life was to draw the attention of a female relative who’d be born as a witch, to trace down this curse, and break it. He died simply because magic has resolved the only reason why he was still alive.

The second most common scenario revolved cutting ties with psychic vampires. They will often choose death over starvation, or even when given the option for redemption. Death in such cases is simply the truest expression of the person’s free will, as they refuse to do what is best for them and others, and instead, they subconsciously choose death as a means of escaping their punishment and the consequences of their actions.

The most common scenario with so-called death curses is some random act of violence that happens within months or weeks of the victim’s life. Then, the energy of the spell either dissipates completely, or it keeps coming back to recreate and refuel the momentum, and this can go on for many years until the curse is removed correctly.

Sometimes, people will have lethal-looking accidents but survive them, as the energy of the spell dissipates. For people to actually die within weeks of a spell, I have only ever seen that in case of the case of a Pact somebody took with Azrael to remove their enemy when they put their own life as a stake for the Angel of Death to take one of them. The Angel of Death decided against them. So, actually, the Pact was fulfilled against them. Fast.

Six weeks after the local Satanic Grotto performed the ritual for them, eagerly expecting the demise of their enemy, the person went on a holiday in a fairly safe country a popular holiday destination. An uprising took place, and they lost their life in the violence that followed political unrest.

This event sent a shockwave throughout the spines of those who performed and witnessed this ritual. The Lodge put in a new taboo after, refusing to perform any more enemy work on behalf of those who approached them with this kind of request and has never performed the Ritual of Azrael again for an outsider.

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  1. As always, your writing is well worth careful perusal and contemplation. The introductory observations regarding memory and forgetting (both sides of the same coin) are crucial and, of course, play a key role in many magical spell-casting. I look forward to reading the follow-up essays. It does sound as though you and the Lodge experienced some powerful magic there.

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