Underwater Alchemy

Underwater Nude Aquabelle

I was fascinated by mermaids and aquabelles. Later, I learned about Alchemy and the mystery of joining opposite elements of fire, and water. This photoshoot is an exploration of those themes, symbolized as red and blue, two colors of blood found among the living creatures. It was shot in the land of fire at night when the scorching heat gives way to soothing calm, and the lights come alive.

Eric VonSchilesing a.k.a. Razorfist is a fine art nude photographer based in Las Vegas. When he is not throwing clothing optional parties at his pool, he explores the underwater beauty under the stark lights after dark. You can find his portfolio on RazorFist.com.

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I have shot a lot of pictures that are way too hot to be displayed on social media. To see those, head over to OnlyFans.com/AnimaNoira where I post them daily, or check out my best photoshoots at AnimaNoira.com/EroticArt.


  1. Remarkable photography and, to my taste, these are the best yest. There is something quite magical about them: they possess a mesmerising and enchanting power.

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