The Long-Forgotten Names

Did I live other lives, where I bore other names, that folks remember me by?

One of the more fascinating proofs of past life memories that happened to me was when people randomly called me some other name by which I suppose they knew me in another lifetime.

Once I was chatting with my friend and we were in deep thought and I felt this overlay as if two military peers from Ancient Rome were talking, and as I had this vision, he randomly called me “Marcus”.

For the second time it happened with my future mother-in-law whom I believe I have met in temples of the Near East and Ancient Greece, where we served as fellow priestesses. One of our sacred duties was making cakes and offerings for festivals, so it didn’t come as a big wonder when she all of the sudden called me “Hera” as we were talking about my wedding cake.

My fiance has called me “Anna” a number of times which seems to have been my name in numerous lifetimes before, in Europe in Middle Ages it was one of the most popular names, and it is also my birth name in this life.

Anima Noira

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