The Great Deceiver

A poem about the Lord of Lies

The Lord of Lies
He spoke of it a number of times to you.
About being a tyrant.
About being a conman.
About the drugs.
About the women.
About the glamour.
The Law of Consent.
Revelation of the Method
He has been telling everyone in their faces for years.
And yet, people just do not listen.

He showed you the snake oil
Made sure you all heard him rattle.
Told you that you should have no masters
And then told you to kneel.
He told you everything between the lines.

This is a game
A cosmic joke to him
And if you don’t get it
The joke is on you.

The Devil tells you of his plans quite openly.
Never denounces any accusations.
He repeats them in jest

When caught he points his finger at you
He shouted out who killed the Kennedys
When after all it was you, and me.

He told you he wants you to worship him.
He told you that one day you, too, can have your power.
He told you that he can make you famous.
He told you that just need to sign.
He told you everything between the lines.

He screamed that we are at war against the tyrants
And then took the Mark of the Beast.
When you asked him what’s in it he said
‘You don’t need to know that’

Now you all start to wake up and point fingers at the
Obvious Suspect, and yet…
Isn’t it too late in the game?

He sold you
The snake oil and you
Bought it

Anima Noira

Metaphysical Authoress. Harlot. Priestess. Demonatrix. Photo Model and Dangerous Writer. Keeping the Dark Arts alive is what I do, and I appreciate your support.

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