The Family of Magi

We Are a Family of Magi That Spans Time and Space

I met many people on my travels who aren’t witches, but our brief interactions tell a story of some deep shared spiritual connection. This lady gave me her scarves and shawl that looked oddly Masonic, or like something an Arab Magus would wear centuries ago. She revealed she was an over-the-road trucker which I thought was pretty badass, and that she was driving for the first time today after surviving a lethal accident. I asked her if there was anything she wanted, and she said no, only give me prayers and good vibes. As she said that, she outstretched her arms towards me in what seemed like an ancient summoning gesture, that I once knew, too. An image of a Bedouin camp flashed briefly through my mind.

‘Would you accept a good luck charm from me?’ I asked her. ‘I just got one yesterday at the solstice from the Witches.’

‘Oh, I love Witches!’ She melts. I handed her the golden bell with a carved pentacle. ‘You will be back on track in no time,’ I said with utmost confidence.

‘You know,’ something lights up in her eyes, ‘the most beautiful thing about driving is you get to observe the planets and the stars. You know that, don’t you.’ An image of her as an Ancient Astrologer in an observatory flashes through my mind. I was an Astrologer many times, too. I was even born to one in this life.

‘Yes. It’s beautiful.’

She left a half-burned candle behind. ‘Clarity.’ Lucidité, it says on the glass. I lit it up where the last night’s Solstice candle just finished, in its place, and I have a good feeling. You know what I think… These encounters with random travelers lodged next to me in random places, they are not random. We are past life peers – we are a family that spans across space and time.

Anima Noira

Metaphysical Authoress. Harlot. Priestess. Demonatrix. Photo Model and Dangerous Writer. Keeping the Dark Arts alive is what I do, and I appreciate your support.

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