The Battle of Eternals

A dream about the Battle of Eternals, and the significance of Warring Gods.

I had a very interesting dream tonight. In it, I was one of the Warring Gods of Ancient Slavs, my ancestral people and it looked just like in the video I made. I was engaged in a battle-duel with another entity, who was seemingly just as skilled and powerful, and who had placed a mark on me, a shameful stain of black which I was battling to return to its origin.

The battle seemed vain, and as I become more and more lucid towards the end of the dream, my rational self starts to comment that, perhaps it would be wiser to live with the stain for a while, and understand it, rather than engaging more in a vain fight between equals.

It didn´t occur to me in the dream, but later in my waking hours, that the reason why I cannot beat the Black God and return his Mark to HIM, is because we are both aspects of the same. We are the Sun at noon and the Sun at midnight, or the Black Sun.

Illustration: My take on a motive from Scandinavian mythology (the wolf is actually also a form of Chernebog).

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