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My live-streamed occult show has returned! Catch new episodes live on Facebook, X, or Twitch.TV (where to watch live) and watch this website always for posted upcoming programs and the full uncensored replays.

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Anima Noira

Occult Interpretation of Rosemary’s Baby

Rosemary’s Baby is one of Roman Polanski’s most chilling and acclaimed productions and one of the most widely quoted horror movie classics. It follows the story of the manipulation of a young woman by a high-society occult coven. Its unsettling quality does not rely on blood and gore but on its realistic premise, forcing viewers to ponder just how big of a stretch from reality the entire story was. It was released at a pivotal time in American history, and events stranger than fiction followed its release…

Magical Protection of the Household

Moonday Dark Arts are back with tips and tricks on how to protect your household magically from attacks, loss, misfortune, and all things undesirable. Let’s share old spells and techniques that ground magical protection into the place you live – the stronghold of your own home and temple.

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Break Up Magic, Separation and Cord Cutting Magick

Among the Dark Arts, we find spells and magic to break up among lovers. This episode will elucidate this genre of magic, which indeed falls under the domain of Hekate’s maleficia, i.e. Works of Black Magic. Clean vs. Dirty approaches to break up magic, adverse side effects and concerns to watch out for, divorce, separation, and cord cutting.

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Moonday Dark Arts: In Honor of Hekate, the Queen of Hell

The promised new regular Monday evening livestream is here. Dedicated in honor of Old Witchcraft traditions, Witches were said to consort with the Devil at the crossroads on this day, in American folklore, in Old Europe it was known as a day sacred to Hekate, the Infernal Queen of Witches. We will honor and evoke Her using the famed grimoire by M.A.Smith, and I will share my experiences with Her.

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Liminal Hedge Witchcraft

Coreyemmah the Hedge Witch, a seasoned practitioner of all things witchy, an accomplished artist, and YouTuber returns among the Devil’s Disciples to share her Craft of the Wise. We spoke about healing dolls and poppets, shadow work, ancestral altars, Low Magic versus High Magic, among many other things.

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Devil’s Disciples: Timothy Foster

Timothy devoted himself to the Old Gods of Witchcraft. He walks the Crooked Path of the Sabbath through the traditions of Primal Craft and Tubal Cain. Recently, he made a seven-year-long Pact with the Horned God that connected him to his past life as a Druid where he owes the Horned One a service – to ensure the continuation of His Order in modern times. This is the goal of his project, Order of the Horned God, a group that curates art and gnosis honoring the Old One. Timothy also has an affinity with Ancient Horrors described by author H.P.Lovecraft and creates inspired digital art based on his gnosis. This will be his first appearance on a podcast, and I am honored to feature this humble and devoted serious practitioner of Traditional Witchcraft. We’ll tap into some controversies, such as animal sacrifice, practicing witchcraft as a gay man, and the magic in the land of the Pacific Northwest as well as the Californian desert.

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Guest links ~

Guest links ~

Order of the Horned God – Timothy’s group on facebook

Grandma’s Graveyard Wisdom

Grandma used to say, ‘Sometimes you gotta hug the people you don’t like. Embrace them tight just so that you know how large of a hole to dig in your garden…’

Devil’s Disciples: Coreyemmah

Coreyemmah has been vlogging her journey of Hedge Witchcraft for a decade, paving the way for many. Exploring the Mysteries of Motherhood in Germanic wetlands, she likes to contemplate metaphysics, psychology, and the sacred. She edits, writes, and illustrates the quarterly magazine Femme Occulte in English and the Czech language.

We have covered a broad range of topic, from childbirth to fantasy novels, medicine of the spirit totem animal turtle, staying sane on the path, meeting Pan while sitting alone at night in the woods, and what awaits witchy YouTubers once they activate their ‘videokarma’.

Guest links –

Coreyemmah Belladonna – YouTube channel (Czech/English)

Femme Occulte – Her boutique witchcraft magazine and rituals packages