Vodanoy, Lord of the Water Realm

Vodnik (”The Water Man”) is perhaps the most famous of dark Slavic spirits. As the cranky and dangerous lord of the water realm, he rules over the souls of those who had drowned. He keeps them in jars, and when he finally decides to set them free, they pop up to the surface in the form of a water bubble. To enter his realm usually meant one´s fate was sealed, and they could only return among the living if they came up with some incredible wits or a high price. Rarely, he will take a shine to some unfortunate human who stumbled into his realm and teach them mysteries.

He rules over a tremendous empire that spans riverbeds, creeks, and lakes where he has palaces of crystal, and herds of all animals. In wintertime, he rests in his underworld realm, sleepy and stagnant. In spring he awakens and stirs, just as the water springs awaken, and brings fertility, and also the risk of floods. Just like his Greek counterpart Hades, Vodanoy has an insatiable lust and a thing for kidnapping women, whom he takes down to be his brides. Vodanoy´s wedding then manifests as raging elements. Just as other dark deities, he was venerated mostly in the form of appeasing sacrifice. Mill owners sacrificed him black pigs to prevent him from breaking the dams. Other sacrifices include black ducks, black chicken, cats, or loaves of bread. In times of dire need, he was given a black horse dressed with honey.

Vodanoy is thought to be a nighttime spirit, afraid of lightning. He appears as a cranky old man, or an attractive young fellow. He can turn into frogs, fish, snakes, or any water-related animal.

Chernobog, the Slavic Satan

Czernobog (Chernobog) “The Black God” is the dark, accursed god of the night and hell, of chaos and the diabolical realm of darkness. Chernobog rules over the evil fate and stands for the principles of darkness and chaos. He is thought to reside in the West, the direction of the sunset. From this direction, the night advances, and with it, unseen forces.

Regardless of these attributes, he was venerated by the Old Slavs with numerous sacrifices for he could alter the destiny of men, in exchange for blood sacrifice.

Like many Demonic and Chthonic deities, Chernobog controls acquiring wealth and understanding of the material world. He teaches us the importance of reason, logic, and egoism. He is also the one who presides over the revelation of mysteries and arcane knowledge. Like Lucifer and Prometheus, he was once punished and sought refuge in the dark realms because he broke the great Heavenly Laws and he let the sacred knowledge be spread to lower worlds. A parallel could be drawn with Azazel, who taught mankind the art of war, and the occult arts. In his animal form, Chernobog is usually seen as a wolf or a snake. He is said to take on the form of a young raven-haired man dressed in a plain black priest robe whose penetrating gaze burns and freezes you at the same time.

He is associated with Morana, the goddess of death, with whom he has spawn several demons.