Return of the Missing Time

I just witnessed one of the biggest Mandella Effects timeline shifts of my life in broad daylight. I got ready for my very last show today, on Sunday morning, October 1st, but James was not here. I opened my planners and the contents have changed. It still shows the events of Saturday that happened, but on my laptop, it shows something else – apparently, it is Saturday, again. Confused, I try to explain what just happened to me, but all explanations feel insufficient.

My Dear Nora, 

Take heart. You are not Lucifer's Bride for nothing. Mortal time is nothing to worry about. Tomorrow will be magnificent. I have no doubt. I am simultaneously delighted to assist, and very sad, indeed at the consequence of your being cancelled. All these and more will be thoroughly aired tomorrow. Courage! Nothing ventured, nothing gained. And we are going to ruffle a few feathers - but it is all referenced in the best academic style. One of the things I most admire about your output is that I can perceive your tremendous intellect at work: that is a rare thing in the occult world. 

It will be a triumph.

Darkest blessings,
Yours ever,

I don’t know the full significance of the extra day just gained, but I know where does it comes from – in 2021 I had an experience of a missing time, a skipped day. I went to sleep on Thursday, and the next day everybody was claiming it was Saturday. My planner showed evidence of otherwise. We never figured out what happened. I was lost with the fae, and Black Brothers told me to ‘take it easy’.

It was only this year that Belial revealed to me that he can borrow time, being the wicked jewish money lender he is. These loans always need to be repaid.

So that is where the extra day comes from, it was borrowed from 2021.

September 30th is a date of special significance. It is when my Pact with Mephistopheles comes due. So, this occurrence shows its tremendous power. These phenomena are not completely subjective, I have learned because some people resurface in my life always being followed by a paranormal experience of some sort like they are themselves time-traveling aliens.

I also woke up to my phone charging cable conspicuously drowned in my teacup. I removed it, carefully, and tossed it out. Another petty manifestation of low break-up magic, that we experience every day with my boyfriend. It’s hilarious to observe because meanwhile petty humans are destroying $8 cables, drowning them in tea, Demons are shifting time. Belial is rearranging timelines for me, fixing what went wrong. ‘Always keep the bigger picture in mind,’ Lucifer told me. The failed Adepts of the Black Lodge will never get that.

Dangerous Living, Meeting the Prince of Darkness

Following the Dark Pact, Satan’s Travelling Agent, Yours Truly, made another move from Coast to Coast, stopping in Las Vegas to meet up with the Prince of Darkness; a stop which proved to be significant and fatal. Among the stories I wish to tell will be meeting Satan’s Carriage and a shape-shifting vampire, timeline disruptions, and Mandella Effects. Cameron will join me with his own take on ‘living dangerously’, a philosophy espoused by the Order of the Nine Angles as one of their core practices.

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Timelines Merging Rapidly

My friend´s voice morphed into another person´s voice on the phone. Then, someone met my 15-year-old self in another state.

A whole lot of sheriff cars and military humvees were making movements in the area where I live. At night, a helicopter flew close by, just Lucifer spoke through the voice of his favorite medium.

As the sound reached its maximum, he chose to deviate from the session in progress to comment on the unexpected visitors.

He said only two words, “Bad actors”.

We are up for quite an interesting fall season.

What readers have said…

Its all about to come to a head. We were born this life for this.

Katie Kilty

I’m surprised people are listening and they know.

Not not easy being Lucifer favorite medium and yes the aliens warlords are amazing and both our ultimate death. We could never defeat them, fo they make world’s and reality like cherrys in a pickard. Though I fight them, what I really fight is the system of government that betrays and destroys it’s people, and in attempts to also control everyone’s mind.

Life and ALOT of everyone is controlled and we are paid for, everything scripted our life’s scripted from birth to death, our life written and recorded. Hence the phrase. Some “bad actors”.

Mark Joshua Cardwell

What I wrote in response…

A friend of mine just spotted a customer review on her page which apparently came from the future.

Many of the so-called opposition protests are, in fact, controlled opposition honeypots. Don´t fall for it. There will be violence.

Fascinating how many of us have intelligence backgrounds, have been watched throughout our entire lives, and have alien or fairy blood.

Things That Could Have Been

What if all the things that could have been
Exist on another timeline

What if I didn’t board that plane
What if you arrived an hour later
What if I didn’t like the place after all
What if she found out about us

What if my dad was right
What if I didn’t pick up the phone
What if the cops didn´t know any better
What if I will never get to know the whole story

The things that could have been
Keep piling up under my carpet
Like a body count

What if he straightened out eventually
What if he went back to drugs
What if I had kept the baby
What if I didn’t sell out

What if it got out of hand
What if I walked away too soon
What if he lied to all of us

If I were to bury
Every single one of those timelines
I wouldn’t be able to find a big enough shovel

So I live them out
Somewhere else

In another corner of the time-space continuum
I live out all my lives
In a place dedicated to all the
The things that could have been