Soul Contracts

Alien Contactee

For the first time, I am going to recount my whole experience of how I came into contact with various group of aliens and stellar missions since 2019. It actually started shortly before I first visited Las Vegas, and picked up again when I decided to move there. What does it feel like, and how does it work? What are their agendas? How do they communicate with me, and why? I will share some of the contact documentation that I have been sitting on for nearly three years.

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The Dark & Occult Las Vegas

Las Vegas, also known affectionately as the Sin City, is a place where sex, sun, fun, and secrets intertwine in a curious dark underbelly. From its infamous beginnings as the mob town financed by Mormon bankers to secret government planes that fly workers every day to Area 51, to secrets that hotels keep strictly away from the public, there is a lot to unpack in this episode.

I will tell a memory of my own past life here when I was murdered in the first half of the 20th century and, of course, we are going to get into the titillating stories of what goes on the streets, in the clubs, and elsewhere in Las Vegas – ‘the place where dreams turn into nightmares’ so you better befriend that Egregore.

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Conditions of the Luciferian Contract

Have you ever wondered, why Death won’t take you, even when it should have already? Perhaps, like me, you are bound by the conditions of the Luciferian Contract. I will share some of the more staggering out of the ordinary stories of my life, and from the lives of others who seem to evade Death as if they were just not meant to get out of here so easily…

We will talk about what it means, how Pacts work, how do you recognize you have one, because they can be inherited through ancestral bloodlines too, or even passed on across time from your own past lives.

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Why Death Won’t Take You: the Luciferian Contract

One of the most bizarre truths about my life is that back in my home city, Prague, I was successfully assassinated twice. When it happened, Lucifer rolled back time. So I have memories preceding the event, and then of a new timeline, but the event itself seems to have disappeared from existence.

This might sound bizarre, but I have run into a dozen others with the same kind of experience. For some, it was a severe lethal suicide attempt they were not meant to survive, and Lucifer or Lilith brought them back. One was a deadly accident under the influence. Another was an overdose. Actually, a series of lethal overdoses that just didn’t seem to kill the person.

And yet, sometimes young healthy people do die after accidentally taking one bad cocktail with ecstasy at a rave party… go figure.

Since I’ve held a strong moral conviction against suicide, I was never even close to attempting it. I was also never prone to accidents, danger to injury, I never did alcohol and drugs, so my personal death windows came from brushing shoulders with powerful people and some other powerful people who didn’t want me to do that, who had me for somebody else, potentially, they just assessed me as a risk to their operations that was big enough to do that. Rarely, these Death Windows were opened by curses, but that only really happened once when I was being coerced by this influence to jump from my office which was on a rooftop at the crossroads by the graveyard. I only ever thought about it while under the lethal influence of a curse that was causing me insanity and hallucinations. Losing your mind and knowing something else is doing this is one of the worst things I’ve experienced in this life. The impulse always felt to be coming from the outside, and not from within. Like something was driving me to do it, but I wouldn’t. I shut that Death Window.

My witchcraft studios in Prague were always at strange places like that. Places more conducive to dark currents. I’ve had people die in the house when I moved in. I’ve had people die in numbers around my clients when I launched a large-scale curse-breaking operation. But those are stories of a different kind… going back to why Death Won’t Yake You, specifically, and the nature of your Luciferian Contract.

I have heard so many of these stories, and they all are real.

A German author related to me a first-hand account of his business acquaintance, who was literally stopped and held mid-air as he lept to suicide from a bridge and he was held in a lengthy conversation with Lucifer the Grimm Reaper who told him many philosophical things and then landed him back on the bridge, reversing time.

He can do that but don’t count on it, he only does it to His special who are bound by Ancient Soul Contracts. The reason for this is, I believe, that since you are bound to serve H.I.M., essentially, through this Contract. Think about it this way. Leaving prematurely would mean a Contract has been breached, there are cosmic laws preventing that, and so He is allowed to do this and you are not really allowed to leave until you’ve served your time.

It’s like deserting the military… don’t try to do that. Punishments were severe.

Baneful magic doesn’t work at me, so don’t even bother with that. It hasn’t worked in any substantial way ever since I’ve been a child and then attacked by powerful way older Practitioners in my early twenties. I was tested before becoming fully operational. It’s a big reason why I was given fame and glory so early in life. I passed the Test, and I’ve kept my wits about me. My greatest vulnerability was always the secrets that have been kept from me. About the secret mind control programme that I’ve been a part of until age 13, and from that a certain proneness to insanity which I fixed by integrating the split off Selves, and their trauma. Driving me insane to suicide was the only other way to go. Now that this has been taken care of, the real ride is about to start.

You Signed Up For This

The Consummate Truth of my life, and perhaps of your life as well, my readers and only brothers, is that once in a while, many millennia ago, you have sworn yourself to a Mission.

You have signed off your life to a Mission and so the Powers behind it are making claims on your life and sovereignty.

You are no longer a Sole Master of your life.

Fame, fortune, love, accomplishment, none of that matters. What matters is the Mission itself, and the successful establishment of the Luciferian Empire on Earth. You maybe don’t understand what it is, and what your role is in it. And that’s okay. We don’t always remember.

It’s been a long time, but the Contract is still valid, and the checks are going to get cashed out. Regardless if you like it, or not. It’s been a long time coming…

These Powers are merely making use of your entire being’s capacity because you have given to Them, via your own Free Will. And it ain’t pretty. I, for one, understand completely why one would be so mad at Lucifer. Look what he has brought me through? A little shame? Discomfort? Scandal? Physical pain?

Means nothing to H.I.M.

You lay into the discomfort, embrace it fully and learn the meaning of Eternal Damnation because that is exactly what this is, the supreme realization that in the end, not one man out there will understand. You will be torn down, and you will be judged and you will not be able to bring your grievances in front of the justice. Because you signed a special kind of contract, one that doesn’t protect you from damages. You signed the stunt actor lease.

‘It’s the worst kind of a job,’ said the aging spy. But you signed up for it. And that means you can do it.

Anima Noira

‘Appointed Hell’s First Accredited Journalist’

Don’t Make Pacts With Lucifer

So for all those who were curious about forging a Pact with Lucifer, and ask for my recommendations. I actually recommend – don’t. I advise against making Pacts with Lucifer.

He is a harsh mistress to serve and gets displeased quite often when His plans do not work out. He is interested in nothing less than excellence and expects you to be His Champion, and take some damage. Total submission would be perhaps a harsh way to describe what he requires of his True Folk, but I am also not far from the mark when I use these words. He seems to agree and actually wants me to put out this negative advertisement.

“Even the Furies of Hell the Sisters of Hecate will treat you better than I have treated mine those who have signed up with me have given up all comforts of their Souls and have traded it for Glory.”

Unless you are like Him, you will not withstand this turmoil and pressure. He also wants to stand always on the front stage of history so he recruits those who have a Shine who do not mind the limelight on them and attention. He is not a spirit who works in the dark who shies from the spotlight. My advice… Unless you have a Major Soul Contract with His Infernal Majesty already from past incarnations, just forget it.

Lucifer is extremely political. He is always plotting. He is the Lord of This World, and the kind of game he plays is a big game, which makes him seem extremely utilitarian, even callous. He is all about moving the figurines on the chessboard, he is hella impatient and passionate about his plans. He considers other deities too inflexible in their thinking, or pussies. His favorite word actually, for he despises cowards more than anything else.

Your bravery must be absolute on this path.

There is probably a better Alliance you could forge with other Infernals, or just work with Demons freely without Contracts. Oh and… let us not forget. More than any other deity, he will make the best use of anything you give him, he will move in like a biker gang occupying abandoned property if you give him one inch he will take your arm he is too smart to be outsmarted.

Even Demons do not trust him. He told me,

“There is nobody I haven’t screwed over walking on this planet – man, woman, spirit. I have played them all.”

He is extremely cunning, so either you are going to like that, or you are going to choose another patron who gives you a more maternal face. He also straight-up likes to screw folks over with Pacts, boil them over the small print and the legalese. I have a hilarious story about this where a man asked for a wife, built his entire pact around it, only to find out months later that the wedding ceremony he had was not legally binding – so you can have your cake, and eat it too…

What else…. oh, he loves to expose his Servants to physical pain, and expects you not to pussy out. Devotees have reported that when he is displeased, they wake up in the morning feeling as if somebody beat them up with a stick. He once threw me against a concrete ice-cold pavement just to make a point about not breaking an Oath of Silence.

So…. you all wanna make a Pact with the Devil. The Prince of Darkness himself. Still sounds like a good idea?

Contrary to popular perception, he doesn’t care about sex, and getting people laid. He cares about forging powerful alliances, creating power couples that will serve him, and passing on his Current and his lineages even if that means somebody will be holding a single man vigil the entire night until they pass out. It is absofuckinglutely certain that he *will* bring you past your willing comfort zone if you sign up to serve him – or if you have signed up in the past, and have not found your way out of His Covenant.

He can grant you glory, fame, and fortune, esoteric secrets, occult abilities, even a certain form of immortality but you have to become like Him, and that is probably *not* who you are, or what you want to become, anyway.

So choose carefully, because when you serve the Devil, you serve the Devil, and there is no rest for the wicked.

The Black Magic Love Conundrum

What does the warlock never have? The fairy tales and the legends all tell us the truth…

The Black Magician may be beautiful (or hideous), he may have armies, fortunes, and glamour, he might even be adored and worshipped by the masses, with supernatural physical strength, but one thing he does not have is Love.

His heart is locked in a cage that is hidden within an egg that’s been eaten by a rabbit, and that rabbit´s to be found in a bird´s nest on the highest tree on the tallest mountain of an island that lies in the middle of the ocean, surrounded by many dangers, so that only the bravest hero can ever reach it.

The Black Heart that remains in his chest is rotting away, and it emanates a toxic aura that spreads fear to everyone he has touched, making people crazed and bringing the worst in them to the surface.

Trust me, I have seen it. I have seen my rotting black heart, and it wasn´t pretty. Others have seen it too, and they sure didn´t like what they saw, because you get used to your own stench after a while, but coming across others brings the horrors of the night back into the limelight.

It´s difficult to look there, even if you go forward, questing for the missing answers. I had to use a medium twice because I just couldn´t bear the sight of something I had done in a past life, that was still smoking out people from my life and making them go crazy.

The reason why there is little loyalty and trust among the Black Magicians, and almost no Love, is the vibration of Black Magic is furthest from the Core.

The Universe vibrates around the frequency of Free Will. Whenever this free will is diminished by spells and influences, and especially when a Soul is deprived of further development and exercise of their own Free Will by premature death, something contracts in the Universe, and a Crack is formed. A wound, so to say, that will seek itself to heal, and that wound, my friend, is what makes it impossible to manifest True Love, that is until it is healed out of existence. You will be meeting the same people, and running the same errands, until eventually, you get sick and tired of stepping over the same bad mojo and decide to step out of it.

Surprisingly enough, I am trying to lay the ground argument here that you cannot manifest True Love with the use of Black Magic, and for some that will be a “controversial” finding.

Anyone who doesn´t see this turns their eyes away from the wisdom of the Ancients. Either, they don´t practice Black Magic, after all, or they are hypocrites and cowards. Cowardice is not a very common affliction among the Black Magicians, so I´ll go with hypocrisy here just for the sake of argument.

The Black Magicians who are not lucidly and proudly bearing the banner that says “We Are Alone and We Know It & We Are Fucked” are lying to themselves by omission, or they exhaust enormous energy on keeping up pretenses which are for the most part bought only by those similarly afflicted. For everyone else, it´s hard to escape the facts.

The kidnapped princess that is held under lock and key, until she breaks, that is not love. That´s Stockholm syndrome. When a girl stays with you just because you sabotaged her life to the point where she is unlikely to be able to fend for herself, that is not love. When she is there because you give her drugs, it is again not of her free will.

The imagery I chose is traditional and ancient, for Black Magic is essentially, a Male Order, dedicated to the Powers of Destruction, rather than those of Creation, but this same karmic pattern has been embodied by women too… to a lesser extent. A woman´s slavery op will be different. She might make herself be always needed, indispensable for comfort, or lust, she may gnaw on your resources in a million ways and your own sanity. In the end, it is just a more covert way of undermining the man´s Free Will and it will not last, not unless there is a mutual agreement to remain in a low vibration, or if one of the Souls is so stuck on vengeance that they do not mind sinking themselves with it.

Karmic Partners

Black and white, black and white, our stories are intertwined throughout the centuries as we dance the polarities of the Masonic checkerboard.

It is not uncommon to meet both as lovers and as enemies or even kill one another in past lives.

Murder creates an especially potent link that calls for redeeming.

The Catch

Demonic Pacts are not the cure-all people have them for. The main catch is they only help you advance within the current and within the constraints of what the current wants, its own agenda and that may not match yours at some point or in fact can be quite disastrous. When that misalignment occurs, it is time to leave the current and find a new one that follows your Soul Purpose better.

In other words you may find out that in the time and space where you are and with what you want, it doesn’t have that much to offer you. You may find that out after making a few of these Pacts and living with them for a decade, observing their effects, or in the long run over the cycle of incarnations, you can see the power of deities come and wane, their times of glory and demise.

All of this is a-moral.

It [demonic pacts and magic] helps you get what you ask for, often at all cost. It doesn’t care, you get what you ask for whether or not in the end it is good for you comes second after what is good for the current itself. It really does and is true for EVERY current.

There is no impartial power in the Universe.

It’s all politics.