Satan’s End Game

‘What is the end game?’ I asked the Devil, frustrated by his incessant lies and countless scenarios of the future that were running before my eyes.

I didn’t like any one of them, and it seemed like in all of them, I was losing, falling for His tricks somehow, and not seeing the truth.

‘The end game,’ the ancient voice replied, with a sigh, ‘the End Game is, you all choose to stay in Hell, for the pleasure of serving me.’ Then He showed me dog leashes made of exquisite gold. Those leashes were undoubtedly mine and his, but there were also others.

Sleepy, I snapped out of the vision. I opened my Instagram feed and I couldn’t believe my eyes. What am I even looking at? Is this real?

The infamous Domina of Seattle, Satanatrix, just posted a picture of her personal harem. She had four slaves lined up there: one female and next to her, three males. That was oddly significant, but then I noticed something uncanny — a black cat sneaking by the slave girl, Lucifer’s own favorite form! As if He manifested right by me. I know what this means. I put down the phone, gasping.

I stared at the ceiling. It is obvious to me what He is saying – ‘You all are my bitches, and you will serve me, each fulfilling your part in my own play.’

I gleaned this from the coded message, all the slaves had matching t-shirts, with the same inscription on the front, and on their back, their words filled in a sentence. I am stuck in the Ring of Lust now, serving the Devil with these men but they are stuck there with me too. It doesn’t matter who plays which role, admirer, friend, secret lover, enemy, confidante, we all serve the same purpose – we are all entertaining Satan in Hell.

This was the devastating truth, and I didn’t see anything that I could dispute calling the Devil’s bluff. It was all pretty bleak, yet something gave me a little hope. The presence of Lucifer the Black Cat right by the female, this was a sign of favor; as if He was saying ‘Play your role well, and if you entertain me, I do have a special weakness for you.’

Devilish Thoughts of Anton Lavey

Devil’s Disciples are going to ponder and indulge in the brilliant adversarial Satanic Philosophy of Anton Szandor La Vey, founder of the Chruch of Satan, author of The Satanic Bible, and one of the most notorious and recognized faces of the occult in 20th century. I have yet to come across a though of his that has not stood the test of time.

Satan Needs No Introduction

I like scaring Neophytes by randomly channeling Satan to them. The truth is, His Infernal Majesty often shows up without invitation. He has terrible manners. I have noticed that, unlike Lesser Spirits, or even Demonic Kings, Satan often doesn’t introduce himself proper. He lets you deduce from the many forms he is notorious for using when he walks this earth.

Kind of like when my ex ended up once at a party hosted by the Russian mob in Moscow. He was handed a business card by this sleek dark stranger. Upon inspecting it, he realized there is just a name printed on it and a telephone number. Nothing else. No hint of job title, or occupation.

‘But… what do you do?’ he asked the gentleman, puzzled.

The mafioso just looked at him and laughed, ‘Everybody knows what I do.’

And that’s how you know that you are dealing with Satan.

Because of his great infamy, he feels he doesn’t need no introductions, and the joke is on you if you pretend that you don’t know who you are talking to. Because deep down, you know exactly, and that’s the point. Are you in denial, scared or what? He has mocked me for this, laughing at me through the phone, ‘Oh, she pretends she doesn’t know who she’s talking to!’ and then hung up on me.

It makes sense. Why would he speak to you if you’re a coward in denial?

So I like to make this easie for the Neophytes by scaring them right away because ‘Satan is real / working in spirit / you can see him / and dare him / in this world every day…

‘If they don’t think I am real, then why waste my time with them, Nora? My time, your time… You are a limited resource to me. and you are one of the precious ones. I will come to you daily to remind you of how precious you are to me in the coming three years. You recognize me now.’


Belial’s Carriage and the Devil’s Lair

A few weeks ago, I started spotting Belial’s Carriage, a distinct Diabolical Apparition that I keep seeing still almost every day. One of these actual physical cars which appears to have shapeshifted then took me to a quaint place where the Horned Lord made His presence unmistakable – the Witch’s Alchemical Cottage in the woods. Let me take you on a tour of this quaint place, as I share my latest tales of devilry and daemonic gnosis.

Truth and Freedom Answers the Riddle

The Ritual on the banks of Willamette River has already brought me a major release from the past. ‘Do you want truth and freedom, or the bondage fantasy?’ Lucifer asked me quite directly. ‘Give me the truth and freedom this time!’ I almost screamed. It came from a place of true desire.

I have just spent a year and a half in a secret affair that had a tremendous hold over me.

I tried to end it five different times, but I couldn’t. It had so much power over me it felt like I handed over the keys to my prison to someone and then begged him to never let me out.

Perhaps, it was all a misplaced desire for true masculine power as Cameron told me. True Masculine Power power is not expressed in bondage role-playing fantasies, or in binding women with Black Magic. Those are all corrupted misplaced manifestations. True Masculine Power lies in embodying Satan, in accepting and internalizing the Beast. Our uncivilized, primal, and untamed Self.

I gave the right answer to the riddle, and the Dark Prince gave me his greatest gift – freedom and the truth. He told me,

‘I have nothing to offer to you at this point in my life, and in the foreseeable future. I am sorry for leading you on and for stringing you along. I will only contact you if something significant changes in my life. You are a great person, Nora.’

With those words, we parted ways, indefinitely. And it feels really good.

The Devil’s Carriage

So the Uber guy driving me to the dentist has a giant black Baphomet head affixed to the front hood of his car. He’s got Neil Gaiman books on the passenger seat. And there’s a giant Monarch butterfly, and a root mojo in a jar hanging from his rearview window. Can’t make this shit up.

‘Good morning, Infernal Soulmate.’

Drivers are considered an embodiment of Legba by the Voodoo people, because of their liminal nature, always in between places.

I have seen the physical Satan’s Carriage like this before. In late 2021 in Oregon, my husband drove us through the burger place, and we got stuck in a line of cars waiting for the drive-through. ‘Turn back and look at the car behind us. Do it slowly, I don’t want you to scream,’ he said. So I did. There was a full-blown horror movie montage of Horned God affixed to the car behind us. This incident marked an ominous moment foretelling the demise of our marriage. I had asked Satan for somebody else earlier that year, and even though I have forgotten about that Pact and moved on, Satan has not.

The second time I saw the Devil’s Carriage was when a Black Magician friend drove me to the airport in LA last summer. We were chatting about our shared past, and I said to him, ‘I am almost certain that story is not over yet. He’s going to resurface.’ A bright red cabriolet passed us, with the driver waving at me like I was an old acquaintance. My heartbeat stopped for a minute. Not only did the car have a 666 on the license plate, but I swear I saw the exact same thing in 2019 in Las Vegas.

The third time I saw the Devil’s Carriage was a few weeks later on the highway, back in Las Vegas where I was living last summer. It was an ordinary day, I was getting home from a photo shoot in the desert. Life felt pretty good at the moment, and I was again under this delusion that ‘things will be just fine, life is what you make it’.

A bright red car, fully tuned out with horns and claws and 666 on the license plate appeared out of nowhere. It was rather unmistakable, but I disregarded it as one of the city’s many eccentricities.

The apparition this morning marks another chapter of the story. Satan has not forgotten about the Pact, and neither have I.

The Seven Rings of Hell

‘I hate to break this to you, Nora,’ my associate said. ‘But we did some workings with the Coven, and we came up with this realization… Basically, Hell is real, and we are living in it.’

The Priestess stood silent, waiting for the bad news to dawn on me. ‘I don’t know if you want to hear this but…’

She hands me a diagram that the medium has drawn based upon Dante’s Inferno and medieval sources that have been verified in the recent channeling.

‘Do you know where YOU are, Nora?’

‘Yeah,’ I laughed. ‘I am in the Ring of Pride. Obviously. I am Luciferian.’

‘You absolutely need to get out of there.’ She pointed it out on the diagram. ‘Here.’

‘To the Ring of Lust.’

‘Yeah, I know, already. Lucifer said to me, ‘your Lust will get you through this.’

‘It’s the most benign place to be, Nora. It’s still hell realm, but for ones like us, that’s the best we can be.’ Lust. The most natural of human inclinations. A part of our animal nature. Troublesome, and enslaving us in some ways, but still… the purest expression of the natural spirit. I took the diagram from the Priestess, and pictured myself on my way up from Hell, through the Seven Rings, all the way up from the Ring of Pride to the Ring of Lust, which is uppermost.

Better to be enslaved by one’s own desire, than by the consequences of stupid choices made out of ego, that equal shooting oneself in the foot.

I looked at the adverse diagram of the Second Hell too – the one that lays below this Hell realm. There was a lot of place for my enemies there, but one level, in particular, caught my attention.

Oath Breakers.

They were so deep down and low, that only the Fallen Angels and Satan H.I.M.self was below them.

Faces of the Devil

Building on the last episode we continue to speak of the Devil, perhaps He will appear. He’s known to mankind by many names and many faces, some of the most powerful imagery though is not found in grimoires and occult writings but in folklore, fairy tales, and dream imagery. Come share your own encounters with the Prince of This World… if you’re not afraid.

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The Adversary

‘I don’t trust you!’ she exclaimed into the face of Lucifer, and called him the Lord of Lies for his numerous vague promises.

‘Trust who you want,’ the Infernal replied. ‘I told you to watch out for your own self-interest. What is good for me is not necessarily what is good for you… Do not look to the Infernal Empire for answers. Blaze your own trail.’

When she recounted this conversation to a friend later, the attentive listener helped to put things into perspective. ‘Nora,’ she said, ‘this is what an enemy would tell you! Go watch out for yourself. That you are on your own. What has he ever done, how has he helped in everything he saw you go through? He could have done anything, he could gave you money, and yet he chose to do nothing.’

Her words sat with her in silence. Later that day, another friend appeared. This friend was a Black Magician. He laughed. ‘He is your Enemy! He is the Adversary. He is here to challenge you, and to make you stronger.’

Together, they recounted stories of other Practitioners of the Black Arts, who found themselves bedridden in pain with a serious disease. They called upon the Prince of Darkness to cure them. He appeared, always, unmoved. Told them, ‘I could help you from this…. but I won’t. You must do this yourself. Good luck.’

And so it didn’t matter, at the end of the day, the opinions of men and all the commentary she received, and all the unsolicited advice urging her to abandon the path of lying spirits or to find a good man when she still has time. It was between her and the Adversary who is as old as humankind. The one who has been here since the beginning. Who has been known to her under many names, embodied as various men in her life stories. Evil men, neglectful, men who always turned a blind eye when she begged them for help. Who kicked her when she was down or sat idly watching from the sidelines.

They were all one, her true spouse, Satan the Adversary.

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