Veil of Forgetfulness

Past life memories are shrouded by the Veil of Ignorance that we pass through between each incarnation. This is what the Ancients called the River of Forgetfulness in the Underworld.

Some people place upon themselves additional taboos to protect themselves from discovering certain information when said information could hurt them. When such taboos are in place, I am only able to tell them about events surrounding the shrouded event.

This is rare and mostly concerns Grand Magical Workings of Aeonic importance.

The ritual suicide of the singer of Mayhem was actually one such event. I was lucky to speak to his current-day incarnation and I was able to describe to him a series of lives that lead to this Grand Climax…

Marrying the Ruler of the Dark River

I ritualized the end of my third marriage by giving back my wedding dress to nature in a #trashthedress photo shoot. I revisit this Rite Of Passage for the modern woman, the marriage of Slavic Gods Morana and Chernobog, and the Sacred Sexual Union itself which is said to take place ‘where the rainbow ends’. The pact with Mephistopheles where I promised to ‘…marry the Ruler of the Dark River’ earlier this year also comes into play.

More explicit pictures were released too & I would like to thank up front to anyone who chooses to get this collection and thus become a full witness to this rare ceremony.

Truth and Freedom Answers the Riddle

The Ritual on the banks of Willamette River has already brought me a major release from the past. ‘Do you want truth and freedom, or the bondage fantasy?’ Lucifer asked me quite directly. ‘Give me the truth and freedom this time!’ I almost screamed. It came from a place of true desire.

I have just spent a year and a half in a secret affair that had a tremendous hold over me.

I tried to end it five different times, but I couldn’t. It had so much power over me it felt like I handed over the keys to my prison to someone and then begged him to never let me out.

Perhaps, it was all a misplaced desire for true masculine power as Cameron told me. True Masculine Power power is not expressed in bondage role-playing fantasies, or in binding women with Black Magic. Those are all corrupted misplaced manifestations. True Masculine Power lies in embodying Satan, in accepting and internalizing the Beast. Our uncivilized, primal, and untamed Self.

I gave the right answer to the riddle, and the Dark Prince gave me his greatest gift – freedom and the truth. He told me,

‘I have nothing to offer to you at this point in my life, and in the foreseeable future. I am sorry for leading you on and for stringing you along. I will only contact you if something significant changes in my life. You are a great person, Nora.’

With those words, we parted ways, indefinitely. And it feels really good.

On Being a Spiritual Nomad

My nomadic existence has become the ritualization of that which has always been true – I do not have a home. My family failed in creating that oasis, safe haven that one seeks to return to, as did all of my own later attempts with men.

I have orphaned myself out of my own free will far beyond the initial need to jump ship from dysfunctional family roots; I have sworn off my whole culture and country. It was the best decision ever. I still wake up with pain almost every day of my life, but there is meaning. In the exploration of this pain and civilizational angst, I am allowed to burn it, see where it comes from and what part of it am I truly.

I wasn’t happy when I had comfort. This whole time, I have been seeking this nebulous mecca of ‘stability’ or ‘security’, when in fact there is none, merely illusions of it. The nature of existence is suffering, and trying to avoid it surely locks one in some comfortable stinky place in Hell, where such illusions are enjoyed.

You may be thinking you are in a packed nightclub where everybody is having so much fun, when in fact that hell is a place where everybody is sad and lonely, or it looks like a stinking county jail.

The only Family that is real is the haphazard community formed by those also pathworking hell, brothers and sisters of Black Lodge. It was the yearning to join them fully on my quest that was the source of my anguish in my previous life. It was the unanswered calling.

I know it because, oddly, some of the pain that comfortable living and success could not soothe went away after I had plunged myself into Darkness and into the Lake of Fire.

I laugh at those who think that the attainment of comfort or even material riches is the measure and the marking of illumination. Everything will be taken from us at the end, so we better start living with an acute sensation of that loss right away and seek no consolation in that which can be kept.

Cremation of Care: Dangerous Rituals of Ultimate Self-Liberation

Cremation of Care is rumored to be a ritual of mockery, orgies, and human sacrifice where the rich and powerful mock the disempowered at the Bohemian Grove. In my own findings, that is actually not the point of it, and you can perform it just as well without the need for any gore and horror drama – that is, if you dare. This path is not for the faint of heart. I am going to read the original text of the ritual that launched this Ordeal Path for me. This bleeds into a concept I’ve been elaborating on for years, which is – what are the actual most powerful rituals of self-liberation one can perform, to break away from any curses, especially generational curses?

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Lughnasadh, Sacrifice of the Corn King

We convene together at the brink of a Grand Sabbath which was known to the Celts as Lughnasadh, the feast of the Sun God, and later as Loaf Mass, the Holy Mass of Bread, the Sacrifice of the Corn King. I shared a lot of lore about this sabbath, and practical tips how to celebrate and use the energy for spellwork.

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Abramelin Operation and Occult Rennasaince with Magister Clavus

A gentleman of the Devil, lifelong practitioner of the dark arts, and fellow compatriot from the magical city of Prague, Magister Clavus joins me to share his most recent experience with Demonic conjurations. We spoke about the infamous Abramelin Ritual that he is undertaking, the New Occult Rennainsance that is going on with discoveries and translations of grimoires, and our personal take on working with Demons, and the price for it.

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Blood Is the Spiritual Currency

Human Sacrifice never dies out because it works.

Societies are ruled by primeval fear and rituals of mass traumatization that require wasting human lives in a ritualistic fashion that is medialized.

It’s just not the village gathered for a theatric feast like we did as Ancient Druids. Or waiting for that fateful day, having spent the entire year in fear about which family will be honored this year by having their children taken from them. It’s the mass shootings on a holiday parade. It’s overturning Roe vs. Wade. Invading Ukraine on a numerologically significant date. Martyrs whose death sparks riots.

Martyrs need to be canonized. Or their sacrifice means nothing because nobody learns about it, and the governments will bulldoze the candles and the flowers people left.

Society is still ruled by the same principle. Sacred calendars. Anniversaries. Customs. Constant terror. Numbers. Planetary movements.

Blood is the Spiritual Currency.

Lucifer’s Bride Boudoir

Kryštof Peterka is a Prague-based photographer with a distinctive masculine, dynamic style. You can find his portfolio on Instagram.

Patronize my Erotic Art

The truth is I have also shot a lot of pictures which are too naughty to be displayed here on my portfolio. You can find those on a separate site.

The Witches Sabbath

This photoshoot came up as a direct, and unexpected Calling from the Horned Goat Himself, and it took place on one of High Days of the Witches Calendar, the Night of Saint Walpurga. Even though I had never seen any of these folks before, I recognize them from my past life as fellow cultists in one of the last surviving bastions of the Old Gods, whom we worshipped secretly, in the woods.

Patronize my Erotic Art

The truth is I have also shot a lot of pictures which are too naughty to be displayed here on my portfolio. You can find those on a separate site.