Devil’s Disciples: Magister Clavus

Refined gentleman of Old Europe, and my compatriot from Prague, Magister Clavus joins me once more to honor Demons, explore the Mysteries and shed light on the occult practices and history. Join us for this special comeback & let’s discuss Demonology and tap into the Saturnian Current!

We spoke about the Tarot, various folk oracles, and principles of magical warfare and baneful magick. We also went on a rant regarding making demonic pacts.

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A Winter Solstice Oracle Riddle

A beautiful disaster of a day, the chips will fall where they may… and it may be in your favor.

Destiny at work.

Either way, you need to accept what is. The situations you cannot control… settle into some delicious belly laughs.

Love yourself no matter how outcomes surprise you. Allow yourself to be delighted.

A Connecting Bridge

You will build a bridge that connects you and your loved ones. A Bridge between Past, Present, and Future. It will happen by the end of this year.

Oracle reading

Yearning for the Mysteries

A woman is peeking from the window, or a balcony, away into the distance.

An image from the antique fortune telling cards from 1900ยด’s Europe. We call them simply ‘Gypsy cards’.

In later decks, it is titled “Desire”.

But this is not correct. This is not a corporeal desire even though it looks that way, the parts that we can touch, embody… It is Yearning really.

You and me, we yearn for the Ancient Mystery.