Kinks and Fetishes

Accusation of Lilith

A lot of men have a fetish for the degradation and humiliation of women, but they are so ignorant they don’t even admit that is what it is. Instead, they show their repressed side by attacking women online with random insults about their looks, and femininity, in demeaning ways. These men should embrace BDSM, or seek out fetish providers who engage in degradation kink. Telling random beautiful women online how they are ugly, how we do not pass your standard, how we aren’t worth shit… come on, that only shows something is wrong with you.

You’re the ones stalking me, when I don’t even know, I don’t care who you are. So the power tilts in my favour already.

You got off once perhaps by souring my day, but the truth is you are a miserable pathetic losers who don’t know themselves and what itch they need to scratch.

I’d like to use this opportunity to curse all scumbags who trick and mislead online sex workers to defraud them abusing platform chargeback policies, etc. Robbing a whore who has served you is the most pathetic act in the eyes of Lilith.

Hope your dicks and your male confidence fail you when you least expect this.

The Taboo – I Won’t Read the Tarot Naked

I turned down an interesting request today, for a nude tarot reading. I explained that would be breaking taboos that bind my Spiritual Work. And that’s just my personal feeling, I have a former stripper friend who started reading tarot on the backstage while topless. I know at least one famous cam girl who reads tarot on the same menu as various sex acts that you can pay for to see her perform. I just don’t mix the two and I feel pretty strong about it.

Either you look me in the eyes even if I was naked / covered in blood / risen from the grave because this is Serious Magick, or you’re looking at my titties which is adorable of course, and highly promoted at the right places but it’s a totally different thing.

Or, could it be actually that as the Priestess of Ishtar I am more of a Dominatrix who is untouchable? Could it be so?

This is how I see it ~ my modeling is all about creating that fiction, drama, entertainment. My magical work is not. It’s very real. It’s serious business. It’s not for the cameras either. It can be spoken of, but not profaned as content for media. I don’t ever film myself in ritual or take pictures of my rituals for the clients or the public. It’s not an artistic endeavor for me, I appreciate occult-themed art and even witchy photoshoots but there is a big difference.

Keeping it separate helps to keep it powerful. Taboos exist for that very reason.

The Virgin Martyrs

Seriously, these random past-life visions getting out of hand. I was listening to Lana Del Ray and saw her as an opera maestro in 1700s Venice. She must have been singing the same tune as back then.

Then, my playlist went on to Amy Winehouse, and I saw her as a Mexican 19th-century outlaw leading a murderous band of robbers.

Still, this doesn’t quite beat that one time when I was watching some adult pictures and I got a random vision of the past. I had been following an adult model, who is the same age as me, for over fifteen years ever since she started her career at eighteen. One day it dawned on me that there must be a reason why we are connected this way, her doing this line of work, and me watching her this entire time. I was thrown into a state of instantaneous physical manifestation when I felt her holding my hand! Then, I saw the two of us with three Roman soldiers who executed us. We were early Christian Virgin Martyrs, her and I, and one other woman. They tortured about, but not me. They just did away with me swiftly as they had some apprehension of doing this to a woman, and there was an aura of holiness around me. So that was the moment our lives ended, in violent self-inflicted death as Virgin Martyrs. Two thousand years later we connected as an adult performer specializing in S/M content, and her anonymous fan across the seas. I got the sense also that unlike me she had many lives she engaged in torture of people, and this incarnation was her way of atoning for those sins, and integrating that violent heritage, because sexuality is most of all a force of Integration and Unification. For me, the heritage is one of war and also quite a bit of human sacrifice.

I am firmly convinced that all kinds of sexual fantasies, kinks, and perversions that come out of nowhere actually result from past life karmas. To illustrate the point further, I knew a girl back in Prague who was an entertainer and also a nymphomaniac who had a hopeless, and in Eastern Europe rather uncommon, fetish for black men. As if something was compelling her to seek them out for pleasure. She just couldn’t help it. Not surprisingly, a hypnotic regression showed her getting filthy rich from the slave trade in the past, exchanging large amounts of money for what was essentially traded as animal pelts. It caught up with her in 21st century Prague, so that’s why you see her every other night at the bar where soccer players hang out because that is the only place where she can meet her former victims, to reconcile…

False Pretenses

The man sitting across me frowns with a sense of genuine dissatisfaction.

“It looks like I came here under false pretenses. I thought I would be the only one making you lewd proposals. Now, if your photos have been on the Internet, you must be getting a lot of those.”

He then moved his glass on the table a little closer to mine. I was about to assure him that I will consider his lewd proposal, when I realized that the whole situation reminded me of something. I too, once went on a date under false pretenses.

Years ago, I met a guy at a party and he was instantly into me. We flirted, he paid for all my drinks and even hailed a cab to get me home safely. Since he was on organizer´s duty on that particular event, he could not excuse himself so he promised to meet me the next day.

So the next day, as soon as we could get up we snuck into a cafe. As soon as he sat across the table from me, I noticed something was off about him. He was grinning, a grimace of dissatisfaction ruining his pretty face. I thought that maybe he had a girlfriend all along, and now, sober in broad daylight, his conscience got the best of him.

He said nothing of it, just remarked that he´d remembered me differently, maybe it was the light. I casually remarked that I had poor eyesight in the dark, that I actually liked him better now. Our conversation flowed from there on pretty smoothly. He was still interested in me, and suggested we meet again in the club, after dark. Still, there was this feeling that something is off, that I couldn´t properly account for.

My doubts remained unanswered until Monday when I casually remarked on my plight to a young client who came to my office. The man in question turned out to be a mutual acquaintance. When I told her about the surprised grimace, she covered her mouth in awe, and uttered,

“Don´t you know?”

“Know what? What am I supposed to know about him that escaped me?”

“It was the glasses!”


“The glasses!”

“What do you mean?”

“He has a huge fetish for glasses. The school teacher look. You have it. You must have taken them off later!”

I realized that indeed, I was wearing glasses on the night but not in the morning. I´ have heard about fetishes and costumes, I just never knew it had such power to create false pretenses.