Social Media Blackout in Favor of Patreon

My abandonment of social media will happen this year. I will not be banned by the censors, but I will voluntarily retract myself. I will be moving all of my contents over to Patreon and closing ALL of my free & public social media pages this summer, Instagram, Twitter, Facebook and TikTok.

I expect this to eliminate 99 % of my existing audience of 20,000, which is fine.

I have nothing to teach to middle-aged American men – 80 % of my audience – who claim they ‘do not have $12’ but somehow have access to the internet, means of living, a roof over their head, and plenty of time to stalk me.

I expect to recruit 1 % of you all to sign up for my Patreon. In the future, I want to solely interact with those 200, and spend no more time reading and moderating the hostilities, trivialities, and nonsense I get here.

My social media has grown too big, and because it is free and public, it attracts too much bad attention from people who only expect to be entertained for free, and worse.

This last attack of Black Magic from sexually inadequate men left me with considerable damage. All of my money was lost in a black hole between two banks for two weeks. I got sick and then I got sick again. I had objects at my place teleporting and disappearing, breaking, I can’t go on camera because my face has been bleeding for weeks now.

I’ve had enough of this shit. Ministering to people, creating art for free, only to be lynched by them over social media celebrity status.

It’s not reciprocated,’ Lucifer says. Belial had a lot of very unflattering things to say about this community.

My erotica will remain on my LoyalFans page. The fact that my entire last month’s payout was lost for weeks tells me there are people out there who hate Lilith, who cursed me from being able to receive my wages as a Sacred Whore.

This money is sacred, it’s been paid to Ishtar for Sex Magick, and it’s High Blasphemy for somebody to deny Harlot Her money for acts She has performed. This injustice pushed me over the edge.

I am being asked to embody Lilith for my ministry, to be Her. That means being misunderstood, being hated, being sought out and lusted after as the Dark Mother of Knowledge, mostly in vain…

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Dark Fantasy Boudoir

Vampires, exotic courtesans, and femme fatalles come alive when the right lens is pointed at me. The very first photographer I met in Las Vegas knew exactly who I was as if he had known me forever. Together, we created a dark fantasy boudoir.

Kim R. Johnson is a boudoir portrait photographer based in Las Vegas. he was also a Vampire in a past life, but I guess he’d laugh at that story if you asked him. Find his portfolio on

Patronize my Erotic Arts

I have shot a lot of pictures that are way too hot to be displayed on social media. To see those, head over to where I post them daily, or check out my best photoshoots at

The Taboo – I Won’t Read the Tarot Naked

I turned down an interesting request today, for a nude tarot reading. I explained that would be breaking taboos that bind my Spiritual Work. And that’s just my personal feeling, I have a former stripper friend who started reading tarot on the backstage while topless. I know at least one famous cam girl who reads tarot on the same menu as various sex acts that you can pay for to see her perform. I just don’t mix the two and I feel pretty strong about it.

Either you look me in the eyes even if I was naked / covered in blood / risen from the grave because this is Serious Magick, or you’re looking at my titties which is adorable of course, and highly promoted at the right places but it’s a totally different thing.

Or, could it be actually that as the Priestess of Ishtar I am more of a Dominatrix who is untouchable? Could it be so?

This is how I see it ~ my modeling is all about creating that fiction, drama, entertainment. My magical work is not. It’s very real. It’s serious business. It’s not for the cameras either. It can be spoken of, but not profaned as content for media. I don’t ever film myself in ritual or take pictures of my rituals for the clients or the public. It’s not an artistic endeavor for me, I appreciate occult-themed art and even witchy photoshoots but there is a big difference.

Keeping it separate helps to keep it powerful. Taboos exist for that very reason.

Look Into Her Eyes

So she spoke…

You need to look into the eyes of Ishtar. Recognize Yourself Within Her. Your Nature. She is. You. You are Ishtar the Incarnate of both Love and War. Both. Both of you. Rock-solid.