Horned God

Belial’s Carriage and the Devil’s Lair

A few weeks ago, I started spotting Belial’s Carriage, a distinct Diabolical Apparition that I keep seeing still almost every day. One of these actual physical cars which appears to have shapeshifted then took me to a quaint place where the Horned Lord made His presence unmistakable – the Witch’s Alchemical Cottage in the woods. Let me take you on a tour of this quaint place, as I share my latest tales of devilry and daemonic gnosis.

Dancing with the Devil in the Wilde Hunt

The Infernal Courtship is the Wild Hunt. The Maiden is captured, and at the end, gives in to the Hunter. But only when He proves himself to be worthy. This is depicted in that She takes the Torques from His neck, the Oath-Ring of the Ancient people. ‘By the value of his word a man shall be judged,’ my Ancestral proverb says. ‘You can judge a man by the value of his promise kept.’

The Devil’s Carriage

So the Uber guy driving me to the dentist has a giant black Baphomet head affixed to the front hood of his car. He’s got Neil Gaiman books on the passenger seat. And there’s a giant Monarch butterfly, and a root mojo in a jar hanging from his rearview window. Can’t make this shit up.

‘Good morning, Infernal Soulmate.’

Drivers are considered an embodiment of Legba by the Voodoo people, because of their liminal nature, always in between places.

I have seen the physical Satan’s Carriage like this before. In late 2021 in Oregon, my husband drove us through the burger place, and we got stuck in a line of cars waiting for the drive-through. ‘Turn back and look at the car behind us. Do it slowly, I don’t want you to scream,’ he said. So I did. There was a full-blown horror movie montage of Horned God affixed to the car behind us. This incident marked an ominous moment foretelling the demise of our marriage. I had asked Satan for somebody else earlier that year, and even though I have forgotten about that Pact and moved on, Satan has not.

The second time I saw the Devil’s Carriage was when a Black Magician friend drove me to the airport in LA last summer. We were chatting about our shared past, and I said to him, ‘I am almost certain that story is not over yet. He’s going to resurface.’ A bright red cabriolet passed us, with the driver waving at me like I was an old acquaintance. My heartbeat stopped for a minute. Not only did the car have a 666 on the license plate, but I swear I saw the exact same thing in 2019 in Las Vegas.

The third time I saw the Devil’s Carriage was a few weeks later on the highway, back in Las Vegas where I was living last summer. It was an ordinary day, I was getting home from a photo shoot in the desert. Life felt pretty good at the moment, and I was again under this delusion that ‘things will be just fine, life is what you make it’.

A bright red car, fully tuned out with horns and claws and 666 on the license plate appeared out of nowhere. It was rather unmistakable, but I disregarded it as one of the city’s many eccentricities.

The apparition this morning marks another chapter of the story. Satan has not forgotten about the Pact, and neither have I.

Faces of the Devil

Building on the last episode we continue to speak of the Devil, perhaps He will appear. He’s known to mankind by many names and many faces, some of the most powerful imagery though is not found in grimoires and occult writings but in folklore, fairy tales, and dream imagery. Come share your own encounters with the Prince of This World… if you’re not afraid.

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Devil’s Disciples: Timothy Foster

Timothy devoted himself to the Old Gods of Witchcraft. He walks the Crooked Path of the Sabbath through the traditions of Primal Craft and Tubal Cain. Recently, he made a seven-year-long Pact with the Horned God that connected him to his past life as a Druid where he owes the Horned One a service – to ensure the continuation of His Order in modern times. This is the goal of his project, Order of the Horned God, a group that curates art and gnosis honoring the Old One. Timothy also has an affinity with Ancient Horrors described by author H.P.Lovecraft and creates inspired digital art based on his gnosis. This will be his first appearance on a podcast, and I am honored to feature this humble and devoted serious practitioner of Traditional Witchcraft. We’ll tap into some controversies, such as animal sacrifice, practicing witchcraft as a gay man, and the magic in the land of the Pacific Northwest as well as the Californian desert.

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Guest links ~

Order of the Horned God – Timothy’s group on facebook

Devil’s Disciples: The First Coven

Weaving together our memories of secret Satanic covens from days gone by, we recreate the full Satanic coven on the Day of Sabbath, the Day of Saturn. Two Priestesses come together to re-ignite that lost spark, and preach the Devil’s Word and do the Devil’s Work.

With this show we seek to proceed further into the Current, and create a Coven experience. Join us to rediscover the beauty of devotional Satanism, Black Witchcraft and flowing with the Dark Lord.

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Satan, the Horned God

Satan the Old Horned God gives powerful signs to Anima on the day of his feature. He is the Adversary of the Corrupt Civilization and is calling his flock to revert to more tribal ways of living once more. We spoke of Necronomicon, Lovecraftian gnosis, and false spirits of modern grimoires.

A War Among Satan’s Own

Satan the Horned One accompanies his Priestess mournfully, as the time is getting ripe for a war among his flock of the likes which he has never seen.

The guilty though, they are guilty, even though they are hiding behind their Pacts.

Only the Innocent are Innocent.

What is coming cannot be stopped, it can only be delayed. By mere days. By weeks.

By springtime, everything will come to light.

“A toast to the truth… may the Truth set us free.”

“Grief, honest grief for all that we could have been, all that we could have done. For the recent century, and all the karma we leave behind.

“There is no going back – the path leads only forward now.

Satan Speaks on Transhumanism

I can smell the fear that has crept into the hearts and the minds of the Left-Hand Path. It bothers me, for it is not what I came to be here for. It has been insinuated. Spoken over in private messages. In whispers. The falling of the statues. The False Statues of Moloch. The mechanization of men with the Seed of the Void. Humanity now stares into the Abyss. The Ahrimanic force is driving it from the cliff into places it has never been before, in a wild experiment that not even us deities can tell how it will pan out.

Know that I do not stand for the Mechanization of Men. I want my men to be Wild. To be Natural. Roaming free.

I am the Lord of the Wild Hunt.

I depend on the preservation of the Natural Man. I cannot live off of the clones, and the zombies.

Many have fallen down that drain already. Many are predisposed to fall for the propaganda and have their destinies crushed in the upcoming war. The Coming War is one of the Natural Order of Men against the Machines. I see very few will join me in this Rage Against Machines… and yet, I delight in the few who I see waving my banner, some of whom do not even know my name and would only speak it in terror. Does it surprise you that I have more followers who are not aware of my True Name than I have among those self-proclaimed?

Look at what has become of my flock. They are so divided, so infiltrated that with sadness, I watch them pitted one against other, many of them are throwing stones at the other side of the barricade where my flock is also found. This fratricide pains me greatly, and my hands are tied because of this. I do not wish to inflict harm onto one side, or the other, so I stay away.

I do not empower any.

I have become the Distant God, in a way.

I do not take joy in my symbols and statues being abused in a public display of the Secret Authority that has abused my name for many centuries. Know that these monuments are not mine.

I am the Great Scapegoat for Humanity. Many plots have been blamed on me.

I am the one who warms his feet at the bonfire of my own Faith Against Ungratefulness, and in my cave by that fire, I welcome those who come to me and take up this path. I have made this path to find me exceedingly difficult, for I am not pleased with the quality of adepts who have been funneled my way. Let others have them. I am an Old Devil. I have not forgotten my pride.

Let them know I do not stand for the Mechanization of Men.

That is all I came to ask.

Faces of the Devil

The Lord of the Witches Sabbath.

The Death Moth.

The Old Nature Deity Who Is Almost Forgotten.

Lucifer the Lord of War.

He is calling you, my Childe…