The Shadow Symphony

There comes a point at which gossip becomes pure flattery. It used to be that the wildest and most amusing kind of gossip going around about me was that I organize orgies. Being the kind of person who appreciates a good orgy, I was flattered.

After a few years, it grew old. It wasn´t enough. People were bored, and the story was sold. They wanted more of Anima Noira, their favorite character. So they came up with a new twist on the story. The orgies I allegedly organized became a blackmail entrapment scheme targeting married men. My networks and powers grew. I could sabotage cars or get information out of closed apartments without entering in. Was it the magic, or some secret technology? they all wondered, and I was flattered.

Years went on, and in the latest edition of gossip, I became the ring leader for an international crime syndicate, and I am able to pull complex intel operations involving the world’s largest media corporations, the US Military, and the FBI. I am pretty fucking badass.

I am flattered,


Anima Noira

Now, you wonder, what is the Shadow Symphony?

It’s a concept from Steven Pressfield’s “War of Art”. There is a point at which the unlived life creates its shadowy version that is folklore, almost art. The Shadow Symphony is symbolic of that which you create inadvertently in the place of the thing you SHOULD be creating. In this case, it’s gossip. It could be addiction, drama, any kind of thing really that provides the suspense of an actual movie, novel, or a work of art you are supposed to create, but instead, your potential manifests in deranged and twisted ways.

Now, the reason why it took me ten years to get from a lowly organizer to a full-blown spy mistress, but only two years to rise to an international ring leader, is the rise of social media. The ability of people to create the Shadow Symphony has been amplified by orders of magnitude.

When the lockdowns came, these same people were left with a whole lotta time on their hands and nothing to shield them from the shitty reality of their lives anymore. In just one year, rehabs became full, domestic abuse cases soared, and many are now teetering on the brink of insanity and suicide as the super-spell cast by the Shadow Elites permeates the atmosphere with fear porn.

It’s going to get far worse before things get better, so you each gotta yourself, what is the Shadow Symphony, and what forms does it take in your life?

Make a conscious decision to create something else out of it, something else, something of lasting value… or else you are as good as dead.

Also, when you hear something sinister and fantastic about me, you MUST suppose it´s true. IT’S ALL TRUE! I swear my pinky finger on it. I am bedding James Bond on both sides of the Atlantic, I can wiretap your phone or derail the train that you ride to work. I have three passports, which together form a secret Code that unlocks the vault within Big Ben.

The Urban Legend says that if you draw my name on the mirror of your bathroom in your own blood, black helicopters will swarm the house and take all of your crack pipes.