No Country for Old Men

Sadly, on the day of my departure from the United States, I am reminded of all the reasons why I must leave. I did not address these things before because I didn’t want to draw more attention. I was hoping to deal with them and focus on the good, hoping that they would just go away if I don’t feed them.

I was wrong. They didn’t.

It got significantly worse to the point where I can no longer feel reasonably safe in this country.

I am not talking about the near-daily unsolicited dick pics and other porn that I get sent by random strangers, the insults from men, and the juvenile trolling that I get every day while managing my social media.

Yes, I actually do it all by myself. All the inboxes. All the emails. I talk to the people, and I read every comment because this is a Ministry. I am approachable, a real person, not a celebrity hidden behind the hype and paywalls. I don’t have any assistants or marketing agencies to do my work and shield me from it.

I am not even talking about the incessant cursing, attacks of baneful magick, and people ganging up to shut down my live streams and mass-report me to get me booted out of the internet.

This has become a permanent feature of my life as well some time ago already, I’ve accepted that it comes with the territory.

The moment I started questioning myself was when it reached a certain mass amount, and it became a daily phenomenon, ale the really bad violent types consistently kept at it for months. Then at one point recently, months became years.

Just how bad? Well, I have a sexual sadistic stalker who hates women, a case of obvious paraphilia, who takes pleasure in sending me graphic rape fantasies. I never once responded to it. I block it every time. It only gets worse as time progresses, from messages to hacking into my closed live workshop, using different pseudonyms, I have to listen to what this monster wants to do to me, and also how I am allegedly a fraudster.

I don’t how I could possibly be one since sell any services or products, make any claims of effects, or guarantees of results. I do everything for voluntary donations.

Sometimes reject clients who appear insane. Sometimes I give people unfavorable readings. This leads to slander campaigns that last for many months, with people posting fake reviews and going around social media claiming I am a fraudster and my psychic abilities are a fraud just because I told them something they didn’t wanna hear, or because refused to do magic for them, that they feel entitled for, especially Demonic Pacts.

Sometimes I politely reject fans who have created a fantasy about me that I will be their online girlfriend. This has in one case led to an entire wannabe terrorist organization continuously harassing, threatening, and stalking me for two years. It shows no signs of stopping.

These people then get my business details, my real name, address, and phone number and they pass it on amongst themselves. They go and harass my business partner who is abroad, my friends, and sometimes anyone who is publicly seen as my supporter.

The worst part is, these people are not jealous exes, rivals, or jilted former friends. I was used to dealing with the politics of the Black Lodge, the incessant clout chasing and backstabbing before. It’s petty as hell, but at least you know who you’re dealing with and you can gauge their motivations. These new haters, they just ‘are’.

They exist as an inexplicable manifestation of violence and hatred that is collective, blind, impersonal, irrational, and inhuman. Most of the time I literally don’t know who these people are, and why they dedicated their lives to harassing me. There is no explanation. It is what it is.

The State has shown me its complete disregard for basic Human Rights by ‘losing’ my entire immigration case file which I filed under the Violence Against Women Act two years ago. They never got back to me, and they refuse to talk to me. I was left in silence with a lifetime sentence of living in the dark with no rights, through no fault of my own. I was still planning to stay in the USA and work even under these conditions, do what is necessary.

I am not scared of adversity or struggle.

I came here at the worst time in history in 2021 knowing full well then that one way or another, things were going to get very dark. And they did, my American husband who swore to provide for and protect me kicked me on the street in freezing temperatures.

I have seen a lot already, but somehow on the day of my departure from the United States, I am reminded in a new way why is it that I must leave now.

This morning, I received a barrage of messages with a picture of all their guns and weapons pulled up, arranged on the bed, and photographed specifically for me, alongside night shots of local buildings and the signs of Las Vegas.

I live alone. In a building with no security. I am not armed. I have no savings, and no family. I have no idea who these people are. They are obviously not of sound mind. I have no friends in this town to lean on. I have an ex-husband who threatened me into silence who told me to go sell my body and an ex-fiance who live-streamed a cursing ritual with my underwear.

Yes, that really happened. That happened three months ago, and then his new lady kept sending me fantasies of my martyrdom, and of me losing my health.

I don’t talk about this shit in public because it’s embarrassing as hell and it’s not representative of the Path I believe in. These people are losers. Are not Magicians, or Occultists. They are a stain on the face of mankind.

Many of these people are legitimately insane, diagnosed through the system, they are deemed unemployable and they get a check from the state every month. Unfortunately, that doesn’t stop them from doing evil shit.

Many, if not most, that I deal with, are in a state of toxic psychosis. They are seeing things only they are seeing, tripping hard on drugs and alcohol, mixing prescription drugs on it. It’s really bad in this country. More than anywhere I’ve seen. It’s widespread.

I am not scared, see… I am heartbroken.

I have exhausted every tactic. Ignoring it, appeasing it, or fighting back doesn’t work at all. This violent stalking of me has become chronic, and it’s not showing any signs of dying out.

At the end, I don’t want to live in a country that embodies senseless cruelty fed by rampant drug abuse, mental illness, and widespread injustice.

All of this is unfolding against the backdrop of another genocide that is only possible to happen because of American vetoes and weapons. As Above, So Below. My disgust and disillusionment from ‘America’ is complete. I am not coming back. Don’t ask me to. I welcome being banned from this country for ten years — just in case I were tempted to forget.

‘I believe it is time to go,’ says the blues about the Devil.

Early this morning
When you knocked upon my door
Early this morning
When you knocked upon my door
And I said hello Satan, ah
I believe it is time to go

Me and the devil walkin' side by side
Me and the devil walking side by side

And I'm gonna see my man
Until I get satisfied

Why You Cannot Kill Anima Noira

You can’t kill a person who is willing to die to themselves or discard their character if needed. If you do enough Inner Alchemy, the person the curses were attached to ceases to exist anymore, and with him, the spells.

One thing few realize is that people curse fictional characters mostly; spooks that live rent-free in their heads. You can’t kill Anima Noira, because Anima Noira is not real. She is just a specter made out of your own lust, petty vengeance, envy, and jealousy.

Purge yourself of those things – if you truly want to kill me.

The Adversary

‘I don’t trust you!’ she exclaimed into the face of Lucifer, and called him the Lord of Lies for his numerous vague promises.

‘Trust who you want,’ the Infernal replied. ‘I told you to watch out for your own self-interest. What is good for me is not necessarily what is good for you… Do not look to the Infernal Empire for answers. Blaze your own trail.’

When she recounted this conversation to a friend later, the attentive listener helped to put things into perspective. ‘Nora,’ she said, ‘this is what an enemy would tell you! Go watch out for yourself. That you are on your own. What has he ever done, how has he helped in everything he saw you go through? He could have done anything, he could gave you money, and yet he chose to do nothing.’

Her words sat with her in silence. Later that day, another friend appeared. This friend was a Black Magician. He laughed. ‘He is your Enemy! He is the Adversary. He is here to challenge you, and to make you stronger.’

Together, they recounted stories of other Practitioners of the Black Arts, who found themselves bedridden in pain with a serious disease. They called upon the Prince of Darkness to cure them. He appeared, always, unmoved. Told them, ‘I could help you from this…. but I won’t. You must do this yourself. Good luck.’

And so it didn’t matter, at the end of the day, the opinions of men and all the commentary she received, and all the unsolicited advice urging her to abandon the path of lying spirits or to find a good man when she still has time. It was between her and the Adversary who is as old as humankind. The one who has been here since the beginning. Who has been known to her under many names, embodied as various men in her life stories. Evil men, neglectful, men who always turned a blind eye when she begged them for help. Who kicked her when she was down or sat idly watching from the sidelines.

They were all one, her true spouse, Satan the Adversary.

Protect Your Back

When people betray you because somebody showed them a screenshot of shit talking, that’s laughable to me. If somebody sent me a video of you burying a body I’d tell you I hope you didn’t hurt your back with that shovel. I hope you wore that back protecting belt.

a friend of mine

’nuff said.

There is never a dull day in the Black Lodge.

Do YOU know the meaning of loyalty? How far would you go for those you put stock in? Who is easily swayed? Who has a storm brewing but doesn’t see it coming? Who is the Stormbreaker? When the clouds clear, what is solid ground do you stand on?

Ties will be cut and mountains will fall. Mountains will also be moved in your favour. You just have to navigate it right.

Those are some things to ponder on a Tuesday, the Day of Mars 🔺