Before You Look for the Devil

Many of you are here to grow spiritually, with a Sincere Wish. That Wish is my Command. You are free to learn and soak in as much as you can.

As the Initiatrix, I can only take on those who by Their own Free Will and previous choices belong to the Current I Serve. That is not a word of sectarian mind. It is what it is. Matters of Initiation are decided by Spirit, whose will I mediate.

I play the Devil’s Advocate here. I won’t sign up anyone on a Path that is not what Spirit shows me is the best step for them right now… There are other places, places where you should look first before you look for the Devil. Very many who were shown to me that they don´t actually belong to the Left-Hand Path of Western Occultism would do much better if they looked in these three directions in particular –

Their Ancestral and Aboriginal Traditions of the Land.

Your Ancestors are calling you. The Land is calling you.

Do not mishear that Call.

Do not mistake it for a fad, do not be fooled by the glamorous exterior of Western Occult. We are no more powerful than your own Ancestral traditions. In fact, we are ridiculously plagued by all of the patterns of our own receding civilization and culture. There is nothing to be found is what I am saying if the Path is not looking for you already.

Teachers and Initiators who are local to you.

They have much more relevant things to say to you than me, some chick from overseas who came to the US from Eastern Europe. You were born in a place because you have many connections to its history and the land. This is true for everyone. You should start your search right where you are.

I started in Prague and with my Pagan Ancestral deities and sought empowerment in remembering the many incarnations I´ve had in Europe.

You should do the same.

Sons and Daughters of the Oak.

For some reason, I have attracted many folks who have a fond connection to Druidry and Celtic path in their heart but maybe they do not know it yet. I was a Druid as well, a Pagan, it´s the Priesthood of the Celtic peoples which many of you carry from your past lives and bloodline ancestry it should be unlocked. I keep seeing Oak Leaves everywhere and even my fiance will wear an oak leaf wedding band. My message is clear, seek out Ancestral Paths and Spirits of Thy Land. Tap into your past.

Only if they happen to be the Heritage of the Black Sun, the Lucifer´s Light there is a point in seeking My Initiation… otherwise, my job is to gently nudge you elsewhere.