Belial’s Advice: Ditch the Sheepherds

I’ve unfollowed some very famous occultists after they all posted spells to ‘lock him up’. I’ll tell you why. If you choose to waste any of your magic on the political show, you ain’t a Magician. You’re a dumbass, and you don’t deserve to bear the Powers of Magick.

I see this sh*t and all I hear is the Devil laughing in Al Pacino’s voice. It’s so dumb it cannot be made any more blatant – a literal reality TV show character sued by another professional entertainer, and people acting like it’s all real? Hello?

In the words of Frank Zappa, ‘Politics is the entertainment division of the military-industrial complex.’

And you’re eating it up; parading your ignorance, and disgracing the pursuits of the Occult, which is the attainment of Secret Knowledge. How can one possibly obtain the Secret Knowledge of the Self if they still choose to engage in the most blatantly orchestrated emotional blackmail campaigns thrown by the puppeteers? Am I the only one who is seeing this? Are we doomed?

There is a lot of people online looking for actual Occult Mentoring, and not political commentary or virtue signalling, political correctness same old drama, sitting with the cool kidz at their table. Fuck this shit.

I’ve already been dogpiled by haters, nearly lost my social media, been cursed into absolute oblivion so I don’t care if I piss off some more Straight White Men. (Haha. Lilith doesn’t…) You want my advice on how to progress on your Spiritual Path?

Unfollow every occultist who posts spells on politicians.

Just Do It. Save yourself the wasted time on following people who fail to grasp the absurdity of political drama. They are not Magicians. I assure you they’re not. They’re kids throwing sand at each other in a sandbox.

Not only are these people vain enough to think their spells have any effect on global affairs – they won’t, they can’t because they are being cast from a position of ignorance – they further parade their childlike poutiness, vanity, and ignorance in public, failing to serve as an example to those following in sincere intention to learn from them about the Occult. Screw them. Topple over these Sacred Cows already. They failed me, and they will fail you – if it is not already obvious.

Yours Sincerely,
The Worthless One

Now people are gonna add I am delusional speaking for Demonic Kings but you know what, I don’t care. He wants to speak, He will speak. Belial hates Facebook in particular for the censorship and stupid peer pressure that goes on here which makes it look like we haven’t progressed from Junior High School.

I am gonna add an older quote from the King,

‘Remind the people of why they came for the Left-Hand Path. It wasn’t to be a part of some clique or a social club. You came for the Mysteries that were cast aside. For the Forbidden Knowledge. You came here to feast upon the Tree.

You didn’t come here to watch 30-minute videos of people’s infighting and petty drama. You didn’t come here to watch people drink and ramble on with their buddies, trying to be cool. Fuck this high school lunch politics.



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Devilish Thoughts of Anton Lavey

Devil’s Disciples are going to ponder and indulge in the brilliant adversarial Satanic Philosophy of Anton Szandor La Vey, founder of the Chruch of Satan, author of The Satanic Bible, and one of the most notorious and recognized faces of the occult in 20th century. I have yet to come across a though of his that has not stood the test of time.

How To Master the Occult: Ultimate Guide to Unlimited Power

Lots of people been asking me how do you master the Occult? I have devised the ultimate plan based on what is currently popular in the spiritual community…


Meditation: Contemplate how the world has hurt you.

Intention setting: Find someone who is to blame for everything in your life today.

Attitude of Gratitude: Make a list of everything the world owes you.

Ancestor Veneration: Fuel some old family feud, blame it all on your parents.

Health Conscious: Start your day by getting high or getting drunk.

Morning Routine: Post a cheesy motivational quote, nature porn, or something smug about how great your life is.

Daily Ritual: Get current with the latest gossip.

Daily Ritual 2: Log into your secondary accounts to check up on all the people you have blocked on your primary accounts.

Daily Ritual 3: Cast a death curse at someone you randomly picked from your Facebook friendslist.

Bedtime Practice: Text about how everybody is hurting you. Cry yourself to sleep.

Nightly Ritual: Wake up in the middle of the night, paranoid af that somebody is working magic against you. Pop some sleeping pills, or drink yourself back to sleep.

Morning ritual: Work magic against them. All of them. They know who they are. They are… everywhere.


ɪɴɴᴇʀ ᴡᴏʀᴋꜱ ᴏʀ ʜɪɢʜ ᴍᴀɢɪᴄ

Deals with the Magician’s Inner World, or Bettering of the Self

Cultivate the pettiest traits a human can have: envy, jealousy, hatred. Self-pity is also advisable, especially if you can flash a really big victim card. If you can support it with a solid alcohol and drug habit, all the better! Concentrate on giving in to vices. It’s good for you. It’s “tantric”.

The Inner Work should be further solidified by obsessive attention to one’s appearance. Unless everyone can tell that you are into the Occult, you haven’t really sold yourself well. Make sure you master the selfie game. Get more tattoos.


ᴏᴜᴛᴇʀ ᴡᴏʀᴋ ᴏʀ ʟᴏᴡ ᴍᴀɢɪᴄ

Deals with the Magician’s Outer World, and Commanding Life Circumstances

Note: Lower Magic is only important if you can get cool pictures of your altar and post them. Otherwise, don´t bother. Just stick with the High Magic. It will be enough.

The basic practice of modern thaumaturgy is casting death curses at everyone who has crossed you, such as by writing a funny comment on your Facebook. For creators of memes, you wanna kill off their whole bloodline. Forget that they were all once your closest friends, lovers, and business associates. Wonder why nobody sticks around.

Feeling lonely? Time to conjure up some love for your ass! Cast a “Love Me Or Die” on an unattainable person who is out of your league, or break up somebody else’s relationship. The path to happiness leads over still warm corpses of anyone who tried to talk some sense to you.

You are also going to need some cash. Worry not, for you can perform D.U.M.E., that is “Death Unto My Enemies” and “Love Me or Die” for others for money, to bring in more love and peace, and usher in the New Age!

Surround yourself with gossipers, backstabbers and crooks, to support you in manifestation of more bs drama.

Unfortunately, they will sooner or later turn against you.

When that happens, cast D.U.M.E.

When in doubt, cast D.U.M.E.

Don’t forget to post a picture of your altar.

(っ◔◡◔)っ ♥ After you have fully mastered these basic tenets, you might be eligible to become the next star of the internet Occult scene, also known as “influencer”. ♥

Charles Manson the Satanic Messiah

Charles Manson is many things, depending on who you ask; an evil serial killer cult leader, a damaged young musician who lost his mind on drugs, or a man who was left behind and slipped through the cracks of society. Some however view this man as something else entirely: a spiritual philosopher and prophet of doom, a Luciferian character who saw through the matrix of lies and cultivated an off-grid community of likeminded freethinkers who foresaw an imminent future of environmental destruction and domestic conflict.

Whoever (or whatever) Charles Manson was depends on who you ask, but one thing is certain: he was a controversial, seemingly inhuman force who went down in history for his supposed connection to the murders of a few Hollywood elites. Was there more to the story? Are there any lessons to be learned from this man of many masks and his story?

Anima Noira presents another insider story by Cameron Wilder who had at one point had direct correspondence with Mr. Manson – who was, in fact, a crucial figure in establishing Atomwaffen Division…

Death Bell to Imitation Satanists

Drawing from the 1991 essay, ‘Hard Reality of Satanism’, we are going to dissect flaws of the many current day Sects of Satanism, and where they deviate, or even flat out betray the Path. Between politics, role-playing, and blasphemy porn fetishism, the point of Satanic Ascent is lost in the trenches, so it is time to water the tree with some radical Left-Hand Path philosophy that was retained by the O9A.

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Devil’s Disciple: Untold Story of Cameron Shea

Order of the Nine Angles insider Cameron Shea tells his story for the first time after being released from Federal Prison where he served time for terrorism-related offenses. His high-profile case was widely covered. Cameron has rejected all requests from major media for an interview and instead, chose to address the Devil’s Disciples, the only people he believes are relevant to his story.

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Greatest Problem of the Occult

The biggest problem of the Occult is still the same. It is not persecution. It is not the lack of information. Dying out of the tradition. It is not inter-order fighting and politics. Hell, it’s is not the cursing witches wars… no.

It is the damn armchair scholars!

See, what I have come to realize is that most people who consider themselves Occultists are not Practitioners, let alone Practitioners of the Left-Hand Path. They are salon intellectuals, stuck in their intellectual concepts. They talk about politics, religion, and scholarship, and that’s all. They think the Occult is a form of psychoanalysis. It is not.

These people, unlike the Witchfinders, do not believe in the actual existence of Spirits. They do not commune with Them. They do not evoke. They do not sacrifice. They do no channel. They do not walk the path of trials. In the end, their vicious attacks that intend to stifle every authentic form of spirituality are just plain envy. The doors to the Mysteries will be forever closed to these servants of Archons, who just sit idly there…. blocking the entrance with their fat asses to the rest of us.

This Is War

Black Magicians:

“Don’ t send me any of this alleged exposure it is immature and dignified adults with honor resolve their disputes in private”

Also Black Magicians:

“I have a ritual to do, some bloke paid me to murder his ex-wife or some reviewer online. Also, I gotta test those death machines on animals and plants first…”

What the fuck is wrong with you people.

I prefer the unhinged, and the greedy, the power-hungry who are out there for conquest to those who are putting on a pretty face, virtue-signaling with their calls for civility… which just like anything they could say, are going to fall on deaf ears here. I have zero respect for people who have gone so far they live and practice the Dark Arts the way I just described, and there are MANY.

It would be a bit different if they just did their evil shit in private, alone in a warlock’s tower. But the afore-described types have disciples, clients, and followers. They run their Occult Orders, while at the same time are in full attack mode and do not hesitate to sabotage anyone who doesn’t run with them and their clique.

I have seen this happen over and over, where the good people, the actual Priesthood, are torn down and sidelined by the crooks who rely on brute force and abuse of power.

What dawns on me now, and what I was perhaps not willing to accept before because of the implication, is that THIS IS WAR.

A spiritual war. It contains all of us.

It is also our war for survival. We can’t thrive in an environment like this.

It is a war that must be fought.

This is our homeland. There is nowhere we can retreat from here.

We are the Black Magicians, the Occultists on the Left-Hand Path. There is nowhere else to go. The war must be fought here.

It is a spiritual war that is not about one person, about somebody’s beef with someone. This war is over a toxic, rotten milieu that has taken hold of the Left-Hand Path spiritual community.

We were given all these amazing tools and new technology to connect with Brothers and Sisters worldwide. But we are not using them to Ascend, because these Networks of Wickedness have been sabotaging us, stifling us, breaking our spirit into submission, and acquiescing with such levels of evil that the whole point of spiritual growth has been lost.

It is a kind of enemy that cannot be reasoned with. It must be defeated by force. Otherwise, there will be no community. No peaceful growth. No place to go, other than the place we are stuck with, and the beds we’ve made there.

“I don’t see any other option than victory.”

Kurtis Joseph

Black and White Magic Animal Sacrifice

It is my understanding that there exists a “White Magical” as well as a “Black Magical” animal sacrifice. Both are practiced within the Voudon.

The first case is a common and socially acceptable way of ritually slaughtering farm animals who are then processed for the feast, which is sacrificial and sacred in nature, those who partake in it receive the blessings. This is, of course, a universal practice, parallels can be found everywhere from Hare Krishnas blessings their food and feasts, the Holy Communion, Cakes and Ale, et cetera. It is only due to the civilizational advancements that we rarely get to see animals slaughtered, or know how to do it ourselves.

Some Practitioners avoid this Blood Stigma regardless and choose a vegetarian diet, which has also been a common practice in many spiritual traditions.

There has been debate as to how human and sacred the Kosher and Halal butchering really is, but I will leave it out of it, as I have little sympathy for those two religions anyway. Their teachings contain worse than that. The agreement seems to be that an animal that is raised for meat can be ritualistically slaughtered in a sacred way, and the devotees then partake in it, and for this to be White Sacrifice, it should be done in the most humane way.

Now, the Black Magic sacrifice also exists, and it deviates wildly from what has just been outlined, in that animals are chosen quite intentionally for their emotional, or symbolic value. These are not farm animals raised for their meat, or if they are, hate to be graphic, but they are NOT slaughtered in the most humane way. The dark Voudon cults for example boil goats alive. It also seems that the more sentient the animal, and closer to humans in their senses, the more this tears down the trauma veil, and so just as the White Magic Sacrifice is most potent when it is most Holy, the Black Magic Sacrifice is thought to be most potent when it is most blasphemous.

Blasphemy of Christian symbols was often included, so one would see, for example, toads or black cats crucified as a part of Black Magic curses that were practiced in my area by folk witches. The suffering inflicted on the animal would be an integral part of the curse´s energy raising. That such practices are risky cannot be overstated. Any magical working that includes any blood, even a mere signature, carries a certain energetic signature to it that makes it powerful, even if performed by a teenaged Satanist out of stupid peer pressure. 90 % of people do not know and do not have the spiritual gravitas, the authority, to even do this correctly, so they will end up messing themselves up. The rest, well, the rest are the kind of people one would want to keep a distance from, and I have personal doubt that anyone who practices cruelty within any kind of cult can be considered sane. Because I certainly wasn´t, as memory serves me, in the past lives that I remember. This is just the kind of demented debauchery that should be left in the Dark Age as we move away from Kaliyuga.

Curses, even devastating curses, can be “worked clean”, to borrow another term from Voudon, not to mention you can disempower enemies without cursing them, actually.

There is a grey area a curious workaround where some Practitioners have taken to kill animals which are designated as pests and routinely disposed of, to offer the to Gods. This beats the point of sacrifice right there. One does not offer the Gods something that is “worthless”. When our ancestors sacrificed 10 % of war captives, it was not because those lives were meant to be snuffed anyway, but because there was VALUE, they could be sold as slaves, so essentially they paid the tribute to the gods who granted them victory by sharing the spoils of war with them. This is another antiquated mechanic which not many understand today.

In the case of the hunt, the sacrifice can be conceived of as a sacrifice of one´s bravery, skill, and effort that it takes to hunt down the animal. Of course, this is debatable, as one can nowadays hire a professional to entertain him with safari, and so the point is lost. The best advice I have in general is don´t do it, chances are you have no idea what you are doing anyway. Our civilization has moved away from these practices for a reason, the reason being they are not needed for the goals we seek. Unless the goal *is* to revel in all kinds of violence, while not ending up in prison… which kind of seems what some materials on Black Magic suggest. I am a bit annoyed by the way current-day Black Magicians have treated this topic because it displays their depravity, insanity, and – what embarrasses me most – their ignorance. There seems to be a competition in who becomes the edgiest edge lord, and I am certainly not impressed.

P.S. When my black cat familiar disappeared on Halloween this year, I went into mourning and stated to my husband that it was taken as a sacrifice, by the Gods or somebody in the neighborhood. The cat though merely went through some dimensional portal, entering a wardrobe in one room, and appearing in the closed drawers in another room. It was a bit traumatized when found hours later as if she had spent an entire week Behind the Veil…

We Are In The Twilight Zone

The Left-Hand Path has gotten to a rather curious crossroads in history, where literal assassins for hire make calls for nicety and civility echoed by a crowd of notorious backstabbers and snakes, all of them hailing Love and Light and kissing each other´s asses.

People are so lost in their insecurities, their need for social acceptance that they lost access to the White Lodge, as well as the Black Lodge. Betrayed the Left-Hand Path by trying to whitewash it, and failing the Right-Hand Path as well, because they don´t have what it takes to pour in the True Light.

They are just replaying their childhood drama as they trip over one another in the twilight zone.

The wasteland that contains no Mysteries whatsoever, apart from the use of Low Magic for small personal gain… mostly to screw over each other.