True God of Mormons: Luciferian and Occult Symbolism in Temple Square Utah

Situated at the heart of Salt Lake City, Utah, Temple Square is the spiritual, cultural, and administrative center of the Mormon faith. It’s filled with occult symbols. Who is the Real God of Mormonism? In a plot that is predictable to long-time listeners, Anima Noira introduces another landmark ‘fashioned in the accordance of the ruling spirit of this era, with the Prince of the Powers of the Air.’

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Vatican, the Seat of Satan

We have all heard the mockery about the Vatican being the Seat of Satan that’s been coming from the Protestants for centuries. Well, let me show you proof positive that it is, indeed, the Seat of Satan H.I.M.self, and in no way it is exhibited more openly than in the art pieces that have been commissioned and erected by the Vatican in recent decades.

If you want to know the truth about this world, and who is the Lord of it, let me take you for a ride. Beginning with this episode, a new series of Devil’s Disciples weekly podcasts will focus on the world’s most Sinister Satanic Sites which are hidden in plain sight.

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Dark Musings of Saturnalia

I have some hate to confess: I can’t stand Christians. Especially of the bubbly smiley sort. I wanna shake them up and tell them you are not going to heaven with your dumbass god. He has not saved, and won’t save, anyone, from anything. You are coming right back to this godforsaken planet, to reincarnate into this shithole as your own offspring, into the world you have left for them. Now ain’t that hell… or much closer to.

Anyways… I have just reaffirmed my opinion that Christianity is a weak-ass philosophy for those who can’t take the truth. Ignorance is not a virtue. Submission is not a strength.

Even though looking outside you would think they have managed to infect the whole society with their misplaced virtues.