Blood Magic

Samael Marks His Bride Violently

I found out today randomly in the bathtub that I have bruises all over my abdomen, even some blood, apparently, from scratching myself violently in my sleep.

‘This Devil’s Bride stuff is no joke,’ I thought to myself as the song came up on the radio…

I can see your sexual reaction

You and me it’s animal attraction

Dim the lights if you wants some action

You and I it’s animal attraction

This could be so dirty that it just ain’t right

She Wants Revenge

Upon my return to Las Vegas, I went to a Feast with the Dead on Halloween where I was told to ‘…wait for Sammael’s arrival in December’. Here we are, and it looks like he is coming.

This is not the first time in recent past that Death manifested as skeletal claws and scratches.

I dropped some liquid on my magical journal two weeks ago and it formed a demonic image from the stains which clearly showed a figure of flaming eyes and claws clutching around me in the same manner I now saw on my body. The message within the stains spoke with disregard about men who cannot provide and that I have been dating trash men who do not pass the mark. ‘Last time’ and ‘gains house’ the cryptic messages said. Lilith and Belial recently also been scolding ‘peasants’ who can’t provide even the basic needs met. Taken together with the Beelzebub’s Bride recent dream, it feels like a possessive masculine energy wants to get hold of me, and keep me comfortable.

The last cocktail Lucifer chose for me before he disappeared from town after all was named ‘The Devil’s Concubine’. The one before, ‘The Queen of Pain.’ Which is actually a reference to Sammael, a private joke between us – he likes to go undercover as ‘Mr. Paine.’

I would lie if I said that I am not scared.

Orcus, Depths of Hell, and Morrigan’s Blood Mysteries

Frater Chaotos has recently taken me to a place you’ve never been. The realm of Orcus, the lies beyond the commonly known Hell, contains the chains we’ve bound ourselves with. We recount this ritual, the visitation by Morrigan, who recently came to talk to me about Blood Magic, and we take it from there wherever the currents flow – into the Depth and into the Core of Darkness…

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Blood Is the Spiritual Currency

Human Sacrifice never dies out because it works.

Societies are ruled by primeval fear and rituals of mass traumatization that require wasting human lives in a ritualistic fashion that is medialized.

It’s just not the village gathered for a theatric feast like we did as Ancient Druids. Or waiting for that fateful day, having spent the entire year in fear about which family will be honored this year by having their children taken from them. It’s the mass shootings on a holiday parade. It’s overturning Roe vs. Wade. Invading Ukraine on a numerologically significant date. Martyrs whose death sparks riots.

Martyrs need to be canonized. Or their sacrifice means nothing because nobody learns about it, and the governments will bulldoze the candles and the flowers people left.

Society is still ruled by the same principle. Sacred calendars. Anniversaries. Customs. Constant terror. Numbers. Planetary movements.

Blood is the Spiritual Currency.

Black and White Magic Animal Sacrifice

It is my understanding that there exists a “White Magical” as well as a “Black Magical” animal sacrifice. Both are practiced within the Voudon.

The first case is a common and socially acceptable way of ritually slaughtering farm animals who are then processed for the feast, which is sacrificial and sacred in nature, those who partake in it receive the blessings. This is, of course, a universal practice, parallels can be found everywhere from Hare Krishnas blessings their food and feasts, the Holy Communion, Cakes and Ale, et cetera. It is only due to the civilizational advancements that we rarely get to see animals slaughtered, or know how to do it ourselves.

Some Practitioners avoid this Blood Stigma regardless and choose a vegetarian diet, which has also been a common practice in many spiritual traditions.

There has been debate as to how human and sacred the Kosher and Halal butchering really is, but I will leave it out of it, as I have little sympathy for those two religions anyway. Their teachings contain worse than that. The agreement seems to be that an animal that is raised for meat can be ritualistically slaughtered in a sacred way, and the devotees then partake in it, and for this to be White Sacrifice, it should be done in the most humane way.

Now, the Black Magic sacrifice also exists, and it deviates wildly from what has just been outlined, in that animals are chosen quite intentionally for their emotional, or symbolic value. These are not farm animals raised for their meat, or if they are, hate to be graphic, but they are NOT slaughtered in the most humane way. The dark Voudon cults for example boil goats alive. It also seems that the more sentient the animal, and closer to humans in their senses, the more this tears down the trauma veil, and so just as the White Magic Sacrifice is most potent when it is most Holy, the Black Magic Sacrifice is thought to be most potent when it is most blasphemous.

Blasphemy of Christian symbols was often included, so one would see, for example, toads or black cats crucified as a part of Black Magic curses that were practiced in my area by folk witches. The suffering inflicted on the animal would be an integral part of the curse´s energy raising. That such practices are risky cannot be overstated. Any magical working that includes any blood, even a mere signature, carries a certain energetic signature to it that makes it powerful, even if performed by a teenaged Satanist out of stupid peer pressure. 90 % of people do not know and do not have the spiritual gravitas, the authority, to even do this correctly, so they will end up messing themselves up. The rest, well, the rest are the kind of people one would want to keep a distance from, and I have personal doubt that anyone who practices cruelty within any kind of cult can be considered sane. Because I certainly wasn´t, as memory serves me, in the past lives that I remember. This is just the kind of demented debauchery that should be left in the Dark Age as we move away from Kaliyuga.

Curses, even devastating curses, can be “worked clean”, to borrow another term from Voudon, not to mention you can disempower enemies without cursing them, actually.

There is a grey area a curious workaround where some Practitioners have taken to kill animals which are designated as pests and routinely disposed of, to offer the to Gods. This beats the point of sacrifice right there. One does not offer the Gods something that is “worthless”. When our ancestors sacrificed 10 % of war captives, it was not because those lives were meant to be snuffed anyway, but because there was VALUE, they could be sold as slaves, so essentially they paid the tribute to the gods who granted them victory by sharing the spoils of war with them. This is another antiquated mechanic which not many understand today.

In the case of the hunt, the sacrifice can be conceived of as a sacrifice of one´s bravery, skill, and effort that it takes to hunt down the animal. Of course, this is debatable, as one can nowadays hire a professional to entertain him with safari, and so the point is lost. The best advice I have in general is don´t do it, chances are you have no idea what you are doing anyway. Our civilization has moved away from these practices for a reason, the reason being they are not needed for the goals we seek. Unless the goal *is* to revel in all kinds of violence, while not ending up in prison… which kind of seems what some materials on Black Magic suggest. I am a bit annoyed by the way current-day Black Magicians have treated this topic because it displays their depravity, insanity, and – what embarrasses me most – their ignorance. There seems to be a competition in who becomes the edgiest edge lord, and I am certainly not impressed.

P.S. When my black cat familiar disappeared on Halloween this year, I went into mourning and stated to my husband that it was taken as a sacrifice, by the Gods or somebody in the neighborhood. The cat though merely went through some dimensional portal, entering a wardrobe in one room, and appearing in the closed drawers in another room. It was a bit traumatized when found hours later as if she had spent an entire week Behind the Veil…