Demonic Pact
Demonic Pact

Reasons for Abandoning Demonic Pacts

Why would anyone seek to abandon a Demonic Pact?

‘Why would anybody want to break or abandon a Demonic Pact?’

The most common reason I believe would be that your worldview and circumstances changed so that you do not desire the things you asked for previously;

or you may have changed your mind on the duties you’ve bound yourself to.

You may have also found other means to attain your goals;

or perhaps you wish to get into some endeavor that forbids you from being bound to Demonic Contracts.

The reasons are many and because these Dark Forces often act blind and we ask Them for stupid things or we do not know the entirety of our circumstances. They tend to prey on that, because of course they too, are following their own agendas.

Sometimes the reasons might be relatively minor such as you want to enter a Pact with another Spirit and it is generally ill-advised to keep more of these. I’ve literally had Spirits fight over me and it was NOT pretty!

Especially if you asked them for a similar thing they will compete over who delivers first, sabotaging one another. Sounds crazy, I know – but it’s real story…

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