The Black Mass
The Black Mass

New Regular Show: Sinday Black Mass

Anima Noira with Gentlemen of the Devil

‘For when we used to go to church on Sunday morning to attend the Holy Mass, now we perform the Black Mass to honor the Spirits of Infernal realm.’ Anima Noira co-hosts with extraordinary men of the Devil every Sunday morning at 9 A.M. Pacific Time.

We kick this off with Aaron Dodson, an undeservedly lesser-known diabolical practitioner and a gentleman who is devilishly smart and entertaining. Aaron is the shit. For the first edition of this broadcast, we’ll go back in time to tell our memories of the Late Black Lodge, our memories of Black Magic cults and sacrifice as it was practiced at the dusk of the Pagan era, when we were driven underground, and things just got more gnarly and violent…

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Anima Noira

Metaphysical Authoress. Harlot. Priestess. Demonatrix. Photo Model and Dangerous Writer. Keeping the Dark Arts alive is what I do, and I appreciate your support.

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