Archangel Michael Victorious Brings Light
Archangel Michael Victorious Brings Light

Four Ways to Abandon a Demonic Pact

How to End Demonic Contracts Other than through Mutual Fulfillment

Demonic Pacts, unless they are Fulfilled, can be broken in one of these four ways ~

🔴 By Exchange. You can abandon the Pact if you take a new one, of same of similar value, from the same Spirit, or even in some cases from an alternate Spirit. They make deals among Themselves.

🔴 By Donation. You are entirely freed from the Pact if you manage to find another Practitioner, who will take it from you. They will reap the benefits, and the duties will follow them from now on.

🔴 By Sacrifice. You agree to let go and be deprived of all that you’ve gained from the Spirit. They will take it, and leave you alone.

Now, sometimes depending on the Conditions of the Pact, these options may or may not be available. Perhaps the Pact is so unique that nobody else can take it, or would be willing to, in that case, you cannot donate it.

The sacrifice option may not be available in cases where too much has happened, and the benefits are of ‘non-refundable’ nature.

The Spirit may not take a new Pact from you if they go on simply restating the deal that you’ve made previously. In this case, there is only one option how to get rid of a Lifetime Pact, and that is by Exhaustion a.k.a. Annulment by Death.

🔴 By Force of Exhaustion. By going all the way, exhausting all their respective resources, and demonstrating absolute determination to fulfill their end of the Pact, the Practitioner reaches a Near-Death state in which Annulment occurs. In the case of Lifetime Pacts, since you’ve signed off your life, this quite naturally amounts to demonstrating you are willing to die. If you go this far and the circumstances do not come together to allow for the Fulfillment of the Pact, it will fall apart out of its own gravity, through a symbolic Death on your end. Death as a force of neutrality and balance, as the Ultimate Adjudicator, is then essentially called to resolve your problematic Pact and it gets neutralized.

This is exceedingly rare and likely to attract a lot of attention from other Spirits, and an Angelic Intervention, because essentially nobody should be allowed to get themselves into such deals in the first place. I was told only Lucifer and Abaddon go this far. But it does happen, when the Practitioner’s Will is super strong, and they ask for something very unique and particular that only they can fulfill, akin to a suicide mission. The motivations to enter into such Pacts are karmic, it is my understanding that one is compelled into such a deal when they feel an overwhelming duty or a weight of a promise from another lifetime. They may also be burdened with guilt, essentially setting themselves up for a path of ultimate self-sacrifice, where they will only be freed after reaching the dead end and rescued by Angels.

Many have reported intervention from Archangel Michael in particular, who told me he is akin to a United Nations Observer for Lucifer’s plots.

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