Pacts with Demons
Pacts with Demons

Fifth Way to Abandon a Demonic Pact

Another Way to End a Demonic Contract

I forgot there is a fifth way to get out of a Pact, and that is

🔴 By Offering of Payment.

Spirits will often accept a one-off payment from you in the form of some offering, service, or sacrifice that you can do for them.

Since we are talking about getting out of Demonic Pacts, especially those of a lifetime duration, this price is often unreasonably high. For example, Lilith asked me last year to off some dude she dislikes for her, to fulfill my last duty as Her Assassin, something that I was sworn into in a previous lifetime.

That was entirely unacceptable. The reason I sought a way out was that she was attacking my upcoming marriage viciously, as marriage is seen by Her as an institution oppressing women, and she was not wrong in this case I got myself into a terrible scenario of enslavement. Somewhat foolishly, I sought to give up her protections and the entire Pact.

I transferred the Pact to another Practitioner who worked the baneful parts out, and who eventually gave it back to me in the form where I took the classical Oath of Lilith from European folklore, the same that my Coven has.

It was implied that with it I forgo the possibility to remarry in this life, and I will gain independence and riches in a lilithian profession. This scenario is still in play, but just as with the Pacts with Samael and Lucifer, I have found this one to conflict with the others. You might just be better off to pay off one spirit and keep one Pact only, because they do compete and offer conflicting choices that cannot be reconciled. I have seen her pissed at Lucifer, and I do feel they are offering me divergent life choices. This is one major reasons why you would consider abandoning Pacts to begin with.

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