Lelvin from Unexplained Possibilities Paranormal Show
Lelvin from Unexplained Possibilities Paranormal Show

Devil’s Disciples: Melvin Seaborn

The Devil's Disciples Animate the Left-Hand Path

In my own memories, Melvin was an Egyptian-Atlantean High Priest, who came up with something outrageous at the time: he laid out an argument against religion and worship of the gods, which explains why he has such a deep-seated suspicion about demonic pacts and serving the spirits. In this life, he almost fathered the Antichrist with a Lilith Incarnate, but that’s just a fraction of his story. The real life-changing event perhaps happened when Melvin ran into an alien abductee who became his best friend and the catalyst his Youtube channel, Unexplained Possibilities.

Melvin has spoken to paranormal investigators, bigfoot hunters, crystal miners, psychics, occultist, and the like. Unexplained Possibilities for Melvin isn’t just about talking paranormal, supernatural, or occult. It’s about bringing people together, having fun talks, exposing culture, and opinions, and creating an entertaining atmosphere of learning were all are welcomed. During his time away from YouTube, Melvin researches ancient histories, performs tarot, writes stories, and tries to better understand the 3 energies that have been around him – one of them being a pixie, the other an angel, and the third something completely unknown…

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