Kindra Ravenmoon with James Henshall
Kindra Ravenmoon with James Henshall

Devil’s Disciples: James & Kindra

The Devil's Disciples Explore the Left-hand Path

Lucifer’s faithful Kindra and James share more than is apparent to the naked eye. Once cult leaders of competing covens of a by-gone era, they are here to speak about Our Lord the Prince of Darkness, Traditional Witchcraft, and Lineages of the Craft.

Kindra Ravenmoon has done the Devil’s work in many roles as a Priestess, Model, Dominatrix, and Satanic YouTube star who chose to dim her own light at the end. She is now our esteemed returning regular guest.

James Henshall is a true Luciferian gentleman of the Olde School. Educated in Welsh mythology, he hails from the line of cunning men through his mother’s bloodline. Initiated in Gardnerian Wicca, Druidry and Freemasonry he embodies an ‘Elder’ perhaps more than any other guest.

😈📜 Welcome to Moonday Dark Arts. Welcome among the Devil’s Disciples. 🖤 Support the Devil’s Work ~

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