Coreyemmah Belladonna from Femme Occulte
Coreyemmah Belladonna from Femme Occulte

Devil’s Disciples: Coreyemmah

The Devil's Disciples Explore the Left-Hand Path

Coreyemmah has been vlogging her journey of Hedge Witchcraft for a decade, paving the way for many. Exploring the Mysteries of Motherhood in Germanic wetlands, she likes to contemplate metaphysics, psychology, and the sacred. She edits, writes, and illustrates the quarterly magazine Femme Occulte in English and the Czech language.

We have covered a broad range of topic, from childbirth to fantasy novels, medicine of the spirit totem animal turtle, staying sane on the path, meeting Pan while sitting alone at night in the woods, and what awaits witchy YouTubers once they activate their ‘videokarma’.

Guest links –

Coreyemmah Belladonna – YouTube channel (Czech/English)

Femme Occulte – Her boutique witchcraft magazine and rituals packages

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