Devil’s Disciples: Aaron Dodson

The Devil's Disciples Animate the Left-Hand Path

‘I was very turned off by Christianity. One day, I found a book on the Morrigan and it just clicked. Little did I know it was Her, who put a blade away from my throat when I was younger.’

After that, Aaron found his way to Druidry with Arn Draoicht Fein, a tradition reconstructing Indo-European ancestral pagan cult, where I was also initiated. And just like me, after encountering the reality of spiritual group politics, he leaned into solitary practice. ‘That’s when other darker and lighter spirits came in. Lucifer popped in, coming through as the ultimate force of disillusionment and enemy of self-deception.’

We are going to discuss Pagan ritual practice, worshipping ancient Norse and Celtic Gods, leaving abusive relationships, practicing Paganism as a family unit, and more. Aaron is a huge sci-fi and fantasy fan with a dark taste –

‘I love the symbolism, the meta-narrative, the interplay of various aspects of humanity that make a story unique, love it all. To that end, I play Dungeons and Dragons often. Might be subconscious wish fulfillment of power, adoration, and escapism but I digress.

Also like programming with the dark subject matter; psychology of dictators, dark tourism, disasters and massacres, that kind of thing. The dark side of the human-animal so to speak.’

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