Death, Insanity and Lightning

The Dark Warring Gods of the Slavic Lore

Two Slavic Black Magicians reveal the Mysteries of Ancient Death Gods of the Pagan lore. Among them is Morana, goddess of death, and the mysterious Black Eagle who is none other than “the Slavic Devil”, the Black God.

00:09 Demetrius Triarius opens with the mystery that goddess Morana taught him. The ritual of Pushing the Dying Towards Death is an advanced form of alchemy in the Saturnian Current that breaks the veil between the worlds.

01:28 Anima Noira shares for the first time her strange story about being born into the occult through her ritualistic conception which her father had planned for with astrology, under the auspices of the Black Eagle, the infamous Prussian flag of war.

04:41 Who is the Black Eagle? Demetrius solves the decades-old enigma. Chernobog “The Black God” of Old Slavic tribes is the lord of slaughter, war, unjust order, oppression, and hardship, but who was also associated with mysteries and secrets, and powers of baneful magic.

07:13 The Dark Warring Gods of Ancient Slavs, Bielbog “the White God”, and Chernobog, “the Black God” were misrepresented in later lore as the battle between God and Satan, Good and Evil, but the surviving Pagan lore doesn´t support this. These are forces of nature, and nature is as ambivalent and impartial as it can be.

Anima Noira

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