Binding the Lady of Death

Dark Slavic Myths and Legends

Two Slavic Black Magicians speak of dark heroes, myths, and legends of the Slavic Lore. Can Death be cheated with magic? Who is Morana, the Lady of Death? What is architectural sacrifice?

00:10 Demetrius Triarius opens with the quaint Slavic legend of Kostey (”Boneman”) the Immortal, a Black Magician who made a Pact with Morana, the Lady of Death to gain his powers and then tried to cheat her and prolong his life through Saturnian mysteries. While binding Death herself is bad manners, it is indeed possible and such rites existed and exist.

01:50 Anima Noira introduces to the listeners Morana, the Slavic Goddess of Death, and how she is still to this day venerated in Czech folklore. Morana´s name relates to “terror” and “nightmare”, and that´s exactly what she brings.

05:02 The water realm has its own dark ruler who was feared and propitiated, even with human sacrifice. Vodonoy, “Water Sprite” or “Waterman” is associated with baneful powers, fertility, and healing.

Anima Noira

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