Black Magician's Flaming Eye
Black Magician's Flaming Eye

Black Magicians Are Stuck in the Past

Black Magicians don't know where the real power is

As much as Black Magicians are obsessed with Power, they don’t seem to have a good grasp of where the real power is. Black Magicians are stuck in the past.

I am talking about people with a medieval worldview and a medieval mindset where all is achieved by the show of cruelty and brute force, and the value of human life is minuscule. This is exemplified in the stupid obsession Black Magicians have with animal torture and animal sacrifice. It is also depicted in the overall tactics of people who are seemingly stuck in reliving their own past lives where the whole game of survival and climbing the social ladder at royal court was a game of treachery and backstabbing, using people’s private correspondences, spies and sexual blackmail to maintain command of their clique and favor of those in power.

In the game that I am playing there is no clique. There is no secrecy. There is no blackmail. It’s all public as it should be. If we truly seek to imitate the powerful and the famous of the world of past and present, isn’t their main attribute their ability to be there for the people?

You can have a small clique of backstabbers under your control through the means of blackmail and playing on their weakness, but you can never win the favor of the people this way. They will judge you on your actions. They will observe your character and integrity, as they should for it is the people who are the source of power.

You will never know all their names and who your message has reached and what they thought of it. You cannot worry about that. Your messages must be projected far and wide with intent, as a form of magic, to reach the public. And they will.

This back-climbing game will soon be over. There will be no Harvey Weinsteins, and no Hollywood games of ‘I will make you famous’. The gravy train and the cool kids club that has turned into a club of bullies are going to be faced with the prospect of dissolution or adapting to the new era.

The New Aeon of Lucifer will no longer favor the most wicked and ruthless climbing to the top over the corpses of others.

True Priesthood shall rise again and knowledge will be distributed to those who heed the Calling, not on the basis of favoritism and possessions.

The backstabbers will find themselves alone, waking up at night sleepless in endless paranoia of the consequences they have created themselves.

The liars will find they have lied themselves into a corner from which there is no other way out than to start telling the truth.

Seek the real keys to power and the virtue it takes to hold them.

Adapt or die.

‘Those who tell the stories rule the world.’

~ Native American proverb

Anima Noira

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