A Little Death is All You Need

True Initiation is simultaneously described in two starkly different languages, for the True Mysteries can only be hinted at. It is described as a Sexual Union, and Consummation, and it is also described in the terms of Facing Death.

I have come to the conclusion these metaphors are not mutually exclusive. As long as I remember the Ancient Rituals that were practiced in Egypt there existed a voluntary sacrifice of a Priesthood couple that exuded incredible power into the pyramidal structures and the gridline of the planet, after which there was no way back, the Priests needed to let go of their earthly Vessels and die into their Work.

In a more universal reading, there is a truism in what was once my infamous pen name, La Petite Mort. A Little Death, a French euphemism for orgasmic loss of consciousness where the Ego gets obliterated. True Love obliterates Death, that is why Initiation is even possible. The experience is dreadful and akin to a Self-Sacrifice, as the Lovers each give into the Ultimate Mystery in Conscious Surrender.

If I had a heart I would love you
If I had a voice I would sing

Fever Ray

Anima Noira

Metaphysical Authoress. Harlot. Priestess. Demonatrix. Photo Model and Dangerous Writer. Keeping the Dark Arts alive is what I do, and I appreciate your support.

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